How To Get Rid of Clothing You Don’t Wear (But Struggle To Toss)

merricksart closet cleanout

One of the biggest challenges I hear from you is that you’re not sure how to clean out your closet and get rid of things you don’t wear. Here are three simple ideas that might be a solution for you!


Struggling to clean out your closet and get rid of things you don’t wear? It can be a challenge! You don’t wear the clothes, but you also don’t want to get rid of them for sentimental reasons, financial reasons, or any other reason.

I get it! And I have some ideas that might help.


1. Think about how you can give new life to your clothing. If you don’t wear an item (or multiple items) in your closet, think about how donating it to someone else will bring joy to them and new life to the clothing item! It does no one any good sitting unused in the back of your closet, so it’s time to give it new life.

You could also host a clothing swap with friends and have everyone bring items that they don’t wear anymore. Everyone swaps and goes home with something new! It’ll bring them joy and your item of clothing can live on with someone else.

2. Sell your clothing and make a few bucks to buy something new! Again, your closet isn’t helping you if your clothing  just sits there unused. Try selling your items on poshmark or on ThredUp to make a few dollars toward a new purchase of something that you’ll actually wear and love!

3. There’s nothing more frustrating than a closet with clothes that don’t fit. Walking into a closet filled with things that you can’t wear for one reason or another is just asking for frustration! Get those clothes out of there and fill your closet with things that you can fit into right now, as you are. If that means less things in your closet, no problem! As long as everything (or mostly everything) in your closet fits you right now and is wearable, it can stay.


A note about sentimental items. For sentimental items, like your wedding gown, those are absolutely fine to hang on to if you don’t want to get rid of them. But remember, if it’s not worth storing, it’s probably not worth keeping. I sold my wedding dress to another bride YEARS ago who couldn’t afford a new dress, and got a great deal on a beautiful wedding gown. I loved seeing my dress have another life, rather than sitting in my closet for the next 40 years. But if you’re saving for a daughter or something, then it might be worth keeping — the choice is yours!


I have a whole post about closet clean out HERE if you need more help!






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