How Long Should Your Top Be?

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A big outfit struggle you all shared with me was figuring out the length of tops, and what bottoms to wear with different top lengths. I’ll break it all down today! 


Are you wondering how long your top should be? What cuts and lengths look most flattering with different rises and styles of bottoms? You’re in luck because I’m breaking it all down today.


How Long Should A Top Be?

I’ve teamed up with Walmart today to show you some easy and affordable tops that work for different body types, and I’ll show you how to wear them!


Which lengths of tops to wear with HIGH WAISTED PANTS or JEANS:

  • When I’m wearing high waisted jeans or pants, I like to tuck my tops in to create a nice waistline. If you’re fully tucking, choose a mid-length top that will stay tucked in but also isn’t so long that it creates bulk when it’s tucked. THIS ONE is a great option!
  • If you’re wanting to half tuck, choose a shorter top. If you choose a long top and half tuck, you can get an awkward mullet situation where it’s short in the front and very long in the back!
  • If you don’t want to tuck at all, you should also choose a shorter top to still get a nice elongated leg line and a semi-defined waist. A cropped tee like THIS ONE from Free Assembly at Walmart is one of my go-to tees.   It’s good quality, comfy, washes well, and comes in lots of colors for only $10!


What length of top to wear with LEGGINGS:

  • When I’m wearing leggings, and I want my booty covered, a long tunic top is a great option. But choose these carefully because they’re not created equal. Choose one with a more structured material that won’t cling to your middle (especially if you carry weight in your belly), and choose one with a slit or a curved hem to elongate your leg line. Also look for ones that hit you above or below the widest part of your body (for me, that’s my hips). THIS ONE is a great tee with a slit on either side, and THESE ONES come in a set and have a curved hem.


What length of top if I carry weight in my middle?

  • The most important thing is looking for tops with structure! That means that the fabric holds its shape on its own without clinging. Cotton, denim, and linen are all really clear examples of this, but there are lots of other fabrics that do this!
  • Also look for prints! They camouflage much better than solids.
  • Look for a top that accentuates under your bust or at your waist and then flows out, like THIS TOP with a bold print or THIS longer flowy top.


What length of top if I carry weight in my HIPS and BOOTY?

  • You can choose longer or shorter tops if you’re more pear shaped, but don’t choose tops that end right at your widest part. This creates a line right across those hips that makes them look wider. Go several inches above or several inches below!


What length of top if I’m BUSTY?

  • The length of your top matters less. The important thing to pay attention to is the neckline! Choose v-necks or wrap tops that open up your neckline. Also choose tops that accentuate under the bust or at the natural waist. Tops that go over the bust and flow out without any cinching can make you look even bustier and wider.


Did I miss anything else?? Here are a bunch of cute tops with different structures, prints, sleeves, necklines, and lengths, all at a super affordable price!






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