A Few of Our Home Renovation Plans

merrickart home st. louis

After a summer of condo-living, we finally closed on our new home in St. Louis! Here are all of our home renovation plans that will happen over the next year or so. 


In case you missed it, we moved from Dallas to St. Louis this summer! I wrote a whole post about it HERE.

We lived in a condo for the summer while we waited to move into our new home, since the previous owners were building a house and we had to wait for them to finish it and move out, and now that we are in, the fun begins! We love making our house feel like US, and since we plan to be in this house a long time, we’re doing some renovations to make it more modern and more our style.

You guys are so invested in this renovation, so I’m sharing some of the plans we have for the house!


Home Renovation Plans

First up, PAINT! This is the easiest way to make a house feel fresh and updated.

We went to Home Depot and chose some paint colors in Behr, and then our paint guy matched them to Benjamin Moore colors, so we’ll be using Benjamin Moore paint, but in these colors.

Paint colors we chose:

  • Behr Whisper White
  • Behr Pencil Point
  • Behr Chic Gray
  • Behr Black Evergreen


The huge projects we’re tackling over the next year

  1. We’re completely re-doing the kitchen!
    • the kitchen right now is really nice, but it’s very much not our style. Since we plan to live here for a long time, we’d like to make it work better for us. We’ll be raising the cabinets to the ceiling, replacing with more modern cupboards and hardware, extending the cabinets to use the space better, changing the island to be single tier instead of 2-tier, moving the sink over to the island, and replacing the backsplash and countertops. It’s a huge undertaking but it’s going to be spectacular.
  2. We’re adding a pool to the backyard
    • Another huge undertaking. We’re doing a pool, hot tub, and outdoor kitchen. This will be done by next summer, if all goes to plan!
  3. We’re finishing the basement
    • The basement currently is a little less than halfway finished. In the unfinished space, we’ll have our home gym, a guest bedroom, a large storage closet, and a bunk room.


Here are some simple mockups of the more cosmetic updates we’re doing to a few of the rooms:

house renovations mudroom

The Mudroom

The existing mudroom has 4 lockers built in, so we just did a little sprucing to make them more our style. We’re painting them the dark gray “pencil point” color, added new gold hardware and hooks, and added some baskets on the top shelves for baseball hats, umbrellas, gloves, and other miscellaneous items.

The current flooring is a desert tile, with lots of texture and lots of shades of tan. We’re replacing it with a gray tile in a herringbone pattern, like you can see in the inspiration pictures above. We’re also wallpapering the whole room with the custom wallpaper that Wingmade Home designed for us. It’s of some of our favorite cities and is so cool in charcoal gray and white.

We have a mirror hanging on one wall, and the custom Etsy print I had made for my husband a few years ago, with our family scripture. (I just searched on etsy for a custom framed print and chose a designer I liked, who then used the scripture I requested…it was simple and super affordable).



house renovations library

The Library/Piano Room

This is the room that is first visible when you walk in the front door, and we’re so excited to turn this space into a really chic and cozy room with dark green walls, built in bookshelves, the piano, leather chairs or a large leather sectional, and a spectacular chandelier.

We haven’t decided on furniture or a rug in this room, but we’re going for that chic club feel with rich leather, nail head trim, etc.



merricksart home renovation laundry room

The Laundry Room

In its current state, the laundry room is not very functional. The placement of the washer and dryer is bad, the counter tops are half blocked by the washing machine, and the cabinets don’t go to the ceiling so there’s a lot of wasted space.

We’re totally re-doing it, and bringing our herringbone tile from the mudroom and hallway into the laundry room. We’re planning on white cabinets with brushed gold or copper hardware, this gorgeous gold leaf light fixture, stacked washer and dryers, a stenciled wall (we did this in our last house and loved it), and we’re taking the huge copper farmhouse sink from our current kitchen and putting it in the laundry room so it doesn’t go to waste when our kitchen is re-done.



merricksart home renovation other
merricksart home removation kitchen

Here’s some more of our inspiration for this house!

We are re-using lots of the furniture and decor from our previous home, and I need to share the boys’ rooms once they’re done, but things are coming along and we’re excited!




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