Holiday Wardrobe Basics

We’ve spent all week talking about holiday outfits, but you need some outfit basics to build those holiday outfits around. Here are 7 basics you need for your holiday wardrobe. 


Did you catch all of my holiday-style posts? You can get all of those HERE. To build a holiday outfit, you need basics, so here are 7 holiday wardrobe basics you need in your closet.

I’m partnering with Nordstrom today to share these holiday closet staples because Nordstrom is one of my top go-to’s for good quality basics. They have fantastic shoes, dresses, sweaters, jeans, and more, in all the brands that I love.


Holiday Wardrobe Basics

1. Black Jeans

  • Black jeans are a classic during the colder months, but especially during the holiday they’re great with casual sweaters and dressy tops. You can wear them with flats or sneakers or boots or heels.  Right now straight leg jeans are very popular, and THESE are some of my favorite pair in a dark faded black style, but if you’re a skinny jeans girl, THESE ones are fantastic.


2. Dark wash jeans

  • You should already have a pair of dark wash jeans in your closet, but if you don’t, it’s a good time to get some! They’re a classic wardrobe staple, and just like black jeans, they’ll go with absolutely everything. Flared jeans are coming back right now and a full length flared jeans is a really chic style that looks great dressed up with heels. THESE ones are gorgeous. But if you prefer a skinny style, look at THESE ONES.


3. Black heels

  • Black heels are a great closet staple that you should have in your closet and will go with everything year round. I have a pair of black patent leather ones, and they are so versatile.
    You could get a brushed leather or a suede, but I think patent leather looks extra chic with the shiny finish, and they won’t ever go out of style. Look for one with a pointed toe (but not super pointy, like a witch shoe!), and choose one in a block or stiletto heel. Both are great, classic options!


4. Red sweater

  • Red sweaters are a must have during the holidays! If you’re not sure what to wear to a holiday event, choose a red sweater! I love THIS NECK TIE SWEATER, but I linked some other good options below. You could dress them up or down, depending on your event.


5. Cream sweater

  • A cream sweater is another great option for the holidays, if you don’t want to go with bold red or green. A cream sweater with a pop of red earrings or lipstick or hair accessory instantly creates a chic and understated holiday look.


6. Classic coat

  • I hope you own a classic coat, and if you don’t, this winter can be the one where you get one! Look for a wool coat with a cinched waist in a single or double breasted style. I prefer a single breasted coat because it feels like less fabric to deal with in the front, but both are great options – it’s personal preference!


7. Gold hoop earrings

  • We all love statement earrings during the holidays, but sometimes, especially with a bold holiday outfit, you need a classic earring to add some sparkle but not compete with the outfit. A gold hoop earring is a great option, and if you don’t own a pair, you should for sure get a pair this year. I wear my gold hoop earrings all year round and love them with so many things!



Now go through your closet and see which of these holiday staples you have in your closet, and if you’re missing some, grab them here!





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