My New Stack of Rings from Everly

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I’ve received a bunch of questions about my new Everly Stackable rings, so here they are!

A bunch of you guys have been asking about my new Everly Stackable rings.  I shared on stories the other night about them but wanted to put links in a permanent place.

As I mentioned in my stories, two of the rings lost stones within the first few weeks, even though I was taking great care of them. Everly’s customer service was great and they replaced them both immediately, thankfully. But I’m still bummed about the quality of the rings.

I should also mention that some people messaged me on instagram saying that THIS STYLE OF RING always has issues with losing stones, so it could be more of a style issue than a quality issue.

These are the exact rings I purchased

Anyway, I purchased the 4 bands for $199, and these are the rings I chose:


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