Help Wanted

I’m all about schedules and lists. My mom is a list maker, and, for that matter, a schedule maker. I can’t even tell you how many different school schedules she’s made in my life time.

I’ve absolutely inherited that from her. Plus, having an organized, always-on-time, super clean husband has made me schedule and list more than ever.

Lately I’ve been really good about making and keeping my morning schedule: getting up on time (or at least somewhat on time) getting my workout in, my scripture reading, the bed completely made (15 pillows and all), a shower, my hair done, and out the door 10 minutes before I have to be at work. Yes, awesome.

When I get home from work, unfortunately the schedule ends. Actually, it ends around 6:45 when my Billy Blanks Lower Body Bootcamp workout video is done (laugh all you want, but you would be jealous if you saw the progress my lower body has made in the last week…). From there I make dinner, and then……suddenly it’s 9:30 and I haven’t made lunches for the next day, I haven’t done my daily cleaning assignment, I haven’t done a bit of painting, and I’m nowhere near ready for bed.

Please help. How do you get anything done past 7:00pm? How am I ever supposed to fit going back to school into this schedule? How am I ever going to get my art career started when I haven’t touched my paint in a month? Help!



  1. Janssen says:

    I have started organizing my day planner in a different way, which has really helped me narrow in on the things I really want done each day.

    Bart and I also switch off making lunches (I make them Sunday and Tuesday nights and he does Monday and Wednesdays and we are both responsible for Thursday night) which takes a lot of stress off me.

    I also don’t do any cleaning on weekdays because it just STRESSES ME OUT and I can get it all done in about an hour on Saturday mornings with Bart’s help (on the other hand, we may not be as fastidiously clean as Philip is).

    I am pretty good, like you, about doing the things in the morning that need to get done, but evening is much harder, so I do not try and pack a lot of things into them so that I can do the things I want to do (like read or write). Basically I try and go directly after dinner to the couch or my desk so I can work on my own projects, instead of scrubbing the bathroom.

  2. craftyashley says:

    I wish I could help you! I’m in the same boat! After the girls go to bed- I am mush and get zero done!

  3. Lisa says:

    I guess you’ll just have a have a fat rear end! I’m terrible with scheduling and being productive so I have no real advice for you.

  4. Packrat says:

    I’m butting in again.

    If painting is really important (which obviously it is), then paint. Let some other things slide. Use paper plates some nights or leave the dishes for one night or cook all meals for the week on Saturday. And, have your husband help more.

    Please don’t get to the point of resenting that you can’t do what you want – need – to do.

  5. Amber says:

    I am so jealous! I find I have the opposite problem. On days I work – I can not get myself out of bed to work out (new personal goal). and I am just rushing around like a crazy person trying to fit everything in.

    But in the evenings – I am soo productive – well when I am home – and as long as I do not get onto facebook. ha!

    I find though that I can only do heavy chores (like the bathroom – vacumning) on my day off. I do not have enough energy it seems otherwise.

  6. haha um i’m not sure how to answer your questions, but… you work out twice a day?????

  7. Haha! I LOVE Billy Blanks! I didn’t realize you were also such a fun – we’ll have to have a Tae-Bo party sometime. It took Ryan a little while to get used to me doing it 🙂 So sad I can’t do it now – we’ll just have to wait until after this little guy comes!

  8. Miriam says:

    Well, it must run in the family because I make schedules and lists too. and I’m a calendar and clock watcher also (I don’t know how people who don’t wear a watch or have at least one calendar in their home ever remember to do anything, or be where they need to be on time!)

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