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In the last few months I’ve seen many blog posts and had several conversations with friends about the negatives of fashion blogs and pinterest. About how lots of women find themselves reading fashion blogs or perusing pinterest and coveting the lives, clothing, style, hair, etc. of other women, and then thinking negatively about their own lives.

For me, that’s not what blogging or Pinterest should be about, at all.

I read a lot of fashion blogs, and I’m a big pinterest lover, but instead of browsing and wishing I had a whole new closet or better hair, I make these blogs and my pins work for me. I’m not saying that I’ve never coveted someone else’s things, but in the last few months I’ve tried to make some attitude changes and some social networking changes and it’s helped a lot. For example, my “Dressing Myself” board, which I’ve mentioned before, started out as a board of outfits and clothing that I wanted. But lately I’ve forced it to morph into a board of pieces I already own and wouldn’t have thought to put together. I read those fashion blogs and pin outfits from them that I could actually put together, or imitate in some way. Suddenly it’s a helpful board instead of a jealousy board.

I’ve made a list of my few “unwritten rules” about fashion blogs and pinterest, and if you find yourself in the aforementioned situation, maybe these will work for you too. 

1. I never pin something in my “dressing myself” board that doesn’t have at least one element of the outfit that I already own (whether it’s a nearly identical piece or a piece that’s similar in some way — color, shape, pattern)

2. I use the captions on my pins to remember the elements of the outfit that I like or want to imitate.

3. I don’t copy every outfit I pin exactly — I copy color palettes, or patterns mixed, or belting methods, or interesting clothing combinations, and that helps me get beyond the obvious outfits in my closet.

4. If you really, really want a clothing
item, pin it to a separate “clothes to purchase” board. Then when you
get some birthday money, go back to the board and buy something from
that list. Having it sit there for a few weeks (or months) might make
you re-evaluate your passionate love for it. If you still love it as
much as the day it was pinned, it’s obviously a worthwhile purchase. And then that special birthday money won’t go to waste on a item that you don’t actually need or love that much. (discalimer: I don’t have a board like this — I got the idea from Whoorl and I think it’s brilliant. In fact, I might start a board like that).

5. I only subscribe to fashion blogs that have styles that I like, that are similar to my own, or have a style that I aspire to. (following blogs about women gallavanting around the world to black tie parties and balls in Jimmy Choo’s and Harry Winston jewelry would not really coincide with my stay at home mom style, and would probably just make me covet their exciting lifestyles)

6.  I read blogs to feel inspired, motivated, uplifted, and happy. If a blog is making me feel unhappy about my life, or depressed about my wardrobe, I unsubscribe.

7. As hard as it is, I try to remember that even the most gorgeous and stylish bloggers out there have struggles. Just because they don’t blog about it doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days, or family problems, or acne (ok, maybe that last one is just me).

It’s so easy as women to get down on ourselves and feel inadequate or unattractive compared to other women. If your pins or the blogs you follow are making you feel that way, get them out of your life! Blogging is such a great way for people to express themselves, whether it be through writing, photography, cooking, design, or fashion. But if a certain blog is giving you negative feelings, for any reason at all, then that blog is not for you. Walk away and watch how much more you’ll appreciate your own life.

Let’s try to get back to the purpose of blogging and appreciate the amazing talent of others and use it for inspiration and motivation rather than for negative thoughts and coveting.

What do you say?



  1. Grace Marie says:

    this is great advice. very wise, Merrick, very wise.

  2. .Chrissy says:

    I like this post too because instead of giving up entirely on something you love because it may have some negative effect with it, you show some ways to adjust it personally to you so it only has the positive effects. I never pin anything I wouldn't actually wear, I love pinterest and blogs because it makes me feel inspired!

  3. Meg Conrad says:

    Love this. I've noticed I've felt the same way sometimes when I've read other people's blogs, but as I've really started blogging more seriously and trying to really get my blog out there, Its actually made me appreciate my life and everything in it more, and now, its like blogging about things I do, see, eat, etc–whether other people want to read it or if its just for me–helps me to look for good things each day.

  4. Janssen says:

    What a nice post, Merrick. I unsubscribed from about 100 blogs just before Christmas because I was just getting nothing out of them. It's been lovely.

    I'm surprised by how many people talk about how lousy Pinterest/blogging is – it's not like you have to participate!

  5. Katie Grace says:

    I completely agree! I used to find myself reading fashion blogs that I just couldn't relate to – way out of my price range (and a completely different lifestyle, at that), and it just bummed me out. However, that doesn't mean that I can't relate to ANY fashion blogs. I love being inspired (by your blog and others) to refashion and remix clothes that I already own.

    By the way, I just re-pinned about half a dozen outfits from your Pinterest board. We have very similar styles!!

  6. I am loving this post and completely agree with you! I myself need to do a little attitude adjusting when it comes to pinterest lol Have a good day Merrick!

    <3 Monica

  7. Faith says:

    THIS! Thank you for such an awesome post! I try and think much the same about pinterest and blogs. It's hard sometimes, but it's so much better than constantly being ungrateful.

    Oh and #7…I am in the middle of a HUGE breakout right now so…don't feel alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Erica says:

    I agree with Janssen – it's funny how people complain about something but then continue to do it. If blogging makes me unhappy, then I will stop doing it; that's why I want to keep it just a hobby(Too bad I can't say the same for housework.)

  9. Britty says:

    Merrick, BLESS YOU! I feel the same way but wasn't able to express it as eloquently as you just did. I've recently started pinning outfits that mirror things I can do,

    And haha re: #7. I used to get so mad about people's perfect houses and put-together outfits and hair, then I remember that all thier crap could be just out of the frame (or is that just me?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. heidikins says:

    Yes. This. Brilliant.


  11. Beautiful post, Merrick. It's definitely not easy to stay grounded in the style blogging world, but being connected to down to earth people like yourself helps to keep me level headed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This was a good reminder for me!

  13. Meaghan says:

    Thank you for sharing this! It really struck a cord with how I've been feeling lately.

  14. Jaimie says:

    Amen! I most definitely agree. I even had to stop following a blog of a friend of mine from college, because I never left her blog feeling better about myself or just in general. It was too much of a "look at me" blog, than it was inspirational, or anything else. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Katie says:

    Loved this post. I totally agree with looking at blogs of girls who have similar fashion sense as you do.

  16. Elisabeth says:

    YES! My feelings exactly. Well said, Merrick!

  17. Rachel says:

    I totally agree – for me it's all about the inspiration and getting good ideas and making them work for me… not about being jealous or feeling inadequate! What fun is that? Happy Friday! -Rachel

  18. Sandy says:

    I totally agree. I feel bad that so many woman spend their time comparing themselves with others.

  19. alesha says:

    Great advice! I totally echo your feelings that I shouldn't be spending time on stuff like pinterest and blogging if it makes me unhappy. And why should it? Thanks so much!

  20. craftyashley says:

    I love pinterest because it helps me connect to the beautiful things in life. And I score some awesome new recipes without having to follow too many food blogs which are, in general, hit and miss for me. You are the only "fashion" blog I read, and it does not make me jealous or sad- it gives me ideas! For when I want to wear something OTHER than yoga pants and a hoodie. I actually just bought this awesome striped knit shirt because it reminded me of a cute outfit you put together. The internet is exactly what you make of it. The same people who get depressed off blogs would just do so after walking by a Range Rover or something. Be happy with your life, and strive to make it better! (Pinterest will help with that as long as you stay away from crazy elaborate pictures of laundry rooms)

  21. Emily Kate says:

    I feel the same way. I immediately unsubscribe or unfollow any blogs, boards, people who don't leave me feeling uplifted or inspired. I need to weed out my reader again of the blogs that don't do anything negative but are just blah. The Internet is what you make of it. I like how you've adapted certain resources to be better for you. Great ideas.

  22. I love this post! It's so easy to get caught up in the jealousy and envy. It's important to put everything into perspective and be realistic. Your unwritten rules would make a great new years resolution!


  23. Melody says:

    This is really great advice. I totally agree, if something or someone is making your feel bad about yourself then you should definitely get rid of it. I love reading fashion blogs and Pinterest because it opens you up to so many different people styles, colors, and fashion. All exciting and fun things for me.

  24. danab says:

    I know this is a pretty old post, but I just saw it and wanted to respond and say thanks. I feel like it goes well with the post you did recently about getting ready every day. I've been feeling completely fashion retarded lately partly because I just had a baby, and partly because I'm new to the blog world and have started looking at lots of fashion blogs. It's hard to be motivated to get ready every day when I don't have to for a job or school, but you've helped motivate me to do it anyway, and work with my limited wardrobe and budget instead of just roaming blogs of beautiful fashionistas and feeling bad about myself! I definitely feel like there is a negative and a positive way to use this technology and I think you do a beautiful, classy job. Thanks!

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