Golden Birthday Ideas

birthday cake and embroidered dress

We’re celebrating two golden birthdays this month! Here are some fun ideas to make this day extra special. If you’re wondering “what is a golden birthday” or looking for golden birthday ideas, here’s a great list! 


Two of my boys have their golden birthdays this month. I love finding little ways to make the basic days more fun, so I asked my followers for their best golden birthday ideas.


What is a Golden Birthday? 

A golden birthday is when you’re turning the same age as the date of your birthday – turning 8 on the 8th, 20 on the 20th, etc.

Golden Birthday Ideas

  • Do a golden breakfast – get donuts and spry them with edible gold color mist and use gold utensils, cups, and plates. Then give them a Golden Ticket to redeem for activities the rest of the day.
  • Throw them a “Golden Ticket” themed party for their golden birthday – everything is candy-themed!
  • Write a favorite memory on a golden note card for them to keep.
  •  Give a golden snitch (candy or replica) from Harry Potter
  • Decorate with gold everything: balloons, streamers, plates, etc.
  • Golden snacks: Goldfish, Golden Grahams, Haribo Gold bears, Hershey’s Gold, Golden Oreos
  • Brunch with gold food: waffles, egg casseroles, pineapple, tater tots, and donut holes
  • Maple donuts with gold number candles
  • Treasure hunt to find gold coins and present wrapped in gold paper
  • Wrap all the gifts in golden paper – I love this one!
  • Give the same number gifts as the age they’re turning
  • Gold Christmas ornaments hung from the ceiling like snow!
  • Olympic-themed party with fun games to win gold medals

I hope these ideas help you celebrate a special birthday!



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