Gifts for Young Couples and Entire Families

A lot of families pull names of other siblings or families to give to at Christmas. Here are some gift ideas for young couples and entire families!

Do you give to individual siblings or couples/families at Christmas time? Thinking of gift ideas for a young couple or an entire family can be difficult, but I have rounded up some great ideas!


Gifts for Young Couples

  • Restaurant gift card
    • Eating out is a fun treat and not usually an expense young couples like to indulge in.
  • City pass/get out pass/season pass to somewhere
    • Especially if they’ve moved recently for a new job, school, etc., this would be a great gift!
  • New monogrammed wooden cutting board
    • A gift that would last them their whole marriage and be a family keepsake!
  • Pizza stone with pizza peel
    • If you’ve been around for a while, you know how much we love our Friday Night pizza tradition. Help a young couple start their own new traditions!
  • Board games
    • A great activity for them to do together or with other friends and family.
  • Cooking class
    • This could double as a prepaid date night!
  • Movie tickets
    • I feel like it’s so fun for young couples to go to the movies when they don’t have to worry about a babysitter. A great experience and a date night gift!
  • A picnic set
    • Another staple piece that they can use as they and their families grow!
  • Home Depot gift card for DIY projects
    • Especially if a couple has just recently bought a home or moved, this would be a great gift for them!
  • Custom Christmas ornament
    • Get them one to celebrate their first Christmas together or another first like first trip, first year of grad school, etc.
  • Home decor
    • Another thing that’s hard to spend your own money on!
  • Timeless holiday decor
    • Give them some great holiday decor that will last forever and that they will be able to build memories around!
  • Countertop popcorn machine
    • There’s nothing better than fresh popcorn – this could even be part of a special at-home date night!
  • Massage gun
    • Ok a massage gun is a great gift for anyone, but if a young couple are avid exercisers, hikers, bikers, etc., they’ll get a lot of use out of this!
  • Polaroid camera
    • Help them build memories and capture those fun, early marriage moments.
  • Costco membership
    • I know I would have LOVED this as a newlywed!
  • Cozy blanket 
  • Tool set
    • A nice, quality tool set is something that they’ll use forever!
  • Nice blender
    • Giving something that’s useful but still, a splurge is always a good bet. For blenders, I would give a  Vitamix, Blendtec, or Ninja.
  • Camping chairs and gear
    • Again, gifting a young couple practical items that will last forever is always a good idea. They’ll use a good pair of camping chairs for years.
  • Pickleball set
    • Philip and I love pickleball, and probably would have played it even more if we were into it as a young couple! This set is a great gift.


Gifts for Entire Families

  • Table Talk.
    • This is a really fun box of table conversation cards that the whole family can enjoy. I’ve seen things like this, but honestly these ones are actually really good questions! We’ve been using them for a few months and the conversations that spark because of them are fantastic!
  • Bowling gift certificate.
    • Everyone loves a bowling night, and it’s a perfect for a family with children of any age! Find a place that’s local for them and call them to buy a gift certificate.
  • Netflix or Disney+ Subscription.
    • If they don’t have one already, this would be a great gift that they’ll use constantly!
  • Movie theater tickets and candy.
    • Or if they’re movie theater kinds of people, pack them some snacks they can stow away in a purse, and tickets to a matinee!
  • Custom family portrait.
  • Airbnb gift card.
  • Lawn games
  • Ice Cream maker.
  • Family Video Game. 
    • A new game is a fun gift that will bring the family together for a fun night! Super popular ones are Just Dance, Super Mario, and we got Donkey Kong a few years ago and we LOVE it.
  • Pizza Stone and your favorite pizza combinations.
    • Every Friday is pizza night in our house, and making homemade pizza is so fun. Gifting a family a pizza stone will up their pizza making game, and it’d be fun to have your kids share their favorite pizza combinations with their cousins!
  • Museum pass.
    • Choose a museum, aquarium, zoo, local pool, or something similar in their area and get them an annual pass or a day pass for the whole family!
  • National Parks Pass
    • Road tripping is now the preferred method of travel with COVID, so why not help a family enjoy some pretty national parks on their trip!
  • Scratch off family travel map.
  • Fondue Pot.
    • Fondue is definitely a family kind of food, and a fondue pot with some ingredients to make their own dessert or cheese fondue would be so fun!
  • A Night at Top Golf
    • Most Top-Golf locations are still open with COVID, and it makes for the perfect family outing. You can gift another family a gift card to use!
  • JackBox.TV Party Pack
    • QuipLash and other JackBox.TV games are such a fun family night activity. Any family would enjoy playing the digital games all year long!
  • Your favorite family games
  • A family book.
  • Subscription to Audible.
    • One of my favorite things to do with my boys is listen to audiobooks in the car. This would make a great gift that the whole family could use on on all their devices!


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