Gifts for In-Laws and Parents Under $25

gifts for parents and in laws under 25

Finding good, budget-friendly gifts for parents and in-laws can be hard, but I’ve found a couple of great gift ideas for you!


Gifts for in-laws and parents under $25 can be hard to come by, but I’ve rounded up a great list. You often have 2-6 people to buy for in this category and finding something in a great price range is vital.


Gifts for In-Laws and Parents Under $25:

  • Cutting board in the shape of their home state 
    • This would be a great sentimental and practical gift for parents. They can use it daily in their kitchen or save it to make a charcuterie platter!
  • Christmas ornament that represents an adventure or experience you had with your parents during the year.
    • For example: if your daughter went to a ballet performance with grandma, get a ballerina ornament. If you went on a trip to the beach together, get a starfish or seashell ornament.
  • Butter Keeper
    • I got one of these last year for Christmas and then promptly gave it to several other people. It’s such a good little gift and life changing! It’s a butter dish that stays on your counter and keeps your butter fresh and at room temperature for days. It’s under $20 right here!
  • Personalized return label stamp
    • Practical and personalized, a fun address stamp label will come in handy often for sending cards to grandkids, friends and more.
  • Clocks set to the timezones of your children
    • My parents have different clocks displayed in their kitchen for all the time zones my siblings and I live in. It’s sentimental and budget-friendly if you find a good clock!
  • Customized placemats for the table with pictures or text on them. 
  • Cheese Boards 
    • Give this along with some yummy cheese or nuts
  • Gorgeous personalized coasters
    • These are so fun and would come in handy when grandkids come to visit!
  • Packing Cubes
    • If your parents or in laws travel a lot, this will be a great practical gift for them.
  • Geometry Tea towels
    • I love these towels so much, and they’d be so pretty in your parents or in laws house. They have tons of styles.
  • Family Picture Calendar
    • This will be a hit with parents, in-laws, and grandparents. It’s so fun to put together the collages for all the family pictures.
  • Personalized family guess who
    • How fun would this be for the next family game night?
  • Cord Organizer
  • Rechargeable lighter
    • This is a great option for parents or in laws who are into emergency preparedness.
  • Lightbox
    • A great home decor option that the grandkids would love playing with and creating new images!
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  • A Holiday Scented Mrs. Meyer spray
    • Perfect for your in-laws or parents and super inexpensive!
  • Reusable Shopping Bags
    • So many fun prints available here.
  • Super cozy slippers
    • A very basic parent gift, but who doesn’t love having a good pair of slippers to wear around the house?
  • Personalized Family Proclamation
    • If your parents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a personalized family proclamation to the world would be a great present.


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