Feather Tee (Tutorial)

Remember those graphic tee’s that everyone used to wear? The one that stands out in my mind the most is that one all the guys wore — it said, “real men wear pink,” and it was, of course, pink. They were all the rage when I was in high school.

While I did wear my fair share of graphic tees back in the day, my style has evolved and I’m not a big fan anymore….until I saw this one from Sincerely Jules. I love how simple it is, no words (like lots of graphic tee’s), and the feather is so gorgeous. I pinned it months ago, but I finally got around to making it this week because I just ran across an old gap maternity tee that fit the bill perfectly.

I love how it turned out, and it was so simple. Want to make one too? Here’s how I did it:


  • blank light colored t-shirt
  • black fabric marker (I bought mine at Joann’s)
  • cardboard 

Step 1. Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface and put a piece of cardboard (or two magazines, like I did) inside the shirt so the marker doesn’t bleed through to the back.

Step 2. Start with the stem of the feather, then draw the left side of the feather, moving up to the top, then over to the right (do the opposite if you’re left handed, so you don’t smear as you draw). Stretch the fabric away from the pen as you draw to make smooth lines. The shirt may pucker a bit around the marker lines (you can kind of tell in the photo below), but it will flatten out as it dries. 

And don’t worry about copying the exact shapes and lines. I copied the basic shapes (as best as I could see*) and then made up all the little lines as I went along, making some close together, and some far apart, some straight, and some curvy.

Step 3. And done! Let the shirt dry for at least ten minutes. Don’t wash for at least two days so the marker can set completely, and wash the shirt inside-out.

* The pinterest link (that I repinned from someone else) was to Sincerely Jules lookbook, and I never bothered to click on the rest of the site. Turns out they still sell the t-shirt, and have a nice front shot of the shirt. That definitely would have been nice to know about before I tackled this project. I wasted a lot of time trying to imagine what the feather looked like underneath her hair and chambray shirt. So mine’s a little different, but I love it anyway.



  1. TheTinyHeart says:

    What a cute shirt! You did a really great job of drawing it, very impressed 🙂

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Janssen says:

    This is darling. I'm afraid my art skills are not up to this.

  3. heidikins says:

    I am positive my skills are not up to this, which is tragic because this whole look is fab.


  4. Josh&Sharsti says:

    Love it! You did a great job, I think your artistic abilities help a lot in these type of projects. =D

  5. Found your lovely blog through EBEW… I really love your style, I'm a new follower + have added you to my blogroll! I love your tutorials, esp. this tshirt… very inspiring (and you are unbelievably cute too)!!

    Catherine x

  6. Adorable! It turned out really well, hun!

  7. Saskia says:

    I love graphic tees without words. But I haven't worn them since my first year of college – only to the gym or to bed. Perhaps I need to rethink that.

  8. H. says:

    I love this and may have to try it out myself!

  9. Kelly says:

    I absolutely love this!! Thanks for sharing, that graphic tee is so cute.

  10. Made by Niki says:

    That looks great! Good job!!


  11. Great blog!!! If you want take a look at my new blog!!! Follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin??!!! Let me know!! kiss dear 😀


  12. Annie says:

    Ummm – I can't believe you drew that! I know it's really just a bunch of lines, but seriously – it looks SO good – mine would have looked like a 3 year old did it. So cute 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. fattygirl218 says:

    oh you make it look so simple, I know if I try im bound to mess it all up! I love it though, definitely looks like you bought it off the rack like that!

  14. Miriam says:

    I love!!! this t, so super cool

  15. Shawna says:

    I absolutely love it!! I would pair it with a pencil skirt and sport it to work.


  16. rubi paul says:

    I like it.This an interesting and creative technique.She used her creativity in good means. blank tees

  17. Its really an amazing post! thanks for sharing! during summer
    blank t shirts are best clothing item thats makes you elegant and smart!

  18. Unknown says:

    Love this! I would be a bit nervous to draw without a template, but I'm thinking I might be able to draw the pattern on vellum then put it on a light box and tee on top. Or even tape them to a window if one didn't have a light box. Of course it would have to be a light colored tee.

    Definitely going to do this! Thanks for sharing your talent! 🙂


  19. Janet P. says:

    There is a great trick for painting on t-shirts and preventing them from sliding on the cardboard, just place sanding paper under the side of the t-shirt you want to paint. This also works great when using a brush.

  20. Unknown says:

    Wouldn't the marker pen bleed when wet? I'm thinking a fabric paint pen would be a better idea. Love the shirt!!! I, too, am gonna have to rethink making at least one of these.

  21. Leah Lott says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! I tried it out and I love it. I wore it to school today. 🙂 For picture on how mine turned out, here is my link:


  22. Mark Roudy says:

    Blog is an inspiration for me for getting latest fashion updates and style. Your effort is so good. I like the top you wore here. My GF likes Bella tops perhaps you may!

  23. Rebecca Tregurtha says:

    This t-shirt is beautiful! Great work! I’ve shared this tutorial on my blog in my “Ten fun ways to make marks on fabric” post. http://www.blueradish.com.au/ten-fun-ways-to-make-marks-on-fabric/

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