5 Summer Essentials at Different Price Points

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Summer is right around the corner. Here are essential summer clothes to add to your closet, at three different price points!


Are you getting ready for your summer wardrobe? Today I have essential summer clothes to add to your closet. I broke them all up by a low, medium and high price point so you can adjust to your budget!


5 Summer Clothes Essentials at different price points

lace top with white jeans and strappy sandals

1. White jeans. These are an absolute summer essential for me! You can wear them with a blouse for date night, or with a tee during the day, or add a denim jacket and top for vacation…they’re so versatile. Below I’ve linked three different options at three different price points.

  1. HIGH: Madewell straight leg jeans ($128)

  2. MID: Levi’s skinny jeans ($70)

  3. LOW: Old Navy high rise skinny jeans ($35)



favorite denim shorts

2. Denim bermuda shorts. I live in my denim bermuda shorts during the summer. I don’t wear shorter shorts for everyday, so these are my go-to.

  1. HIGH: Frame denim bermuda shorts ($218)

  2. MID: Gap denim bermuda shorts ($70)

  3. LOW: Old Navy bermuda shorts ($20)


some of my favorite summer sandals

3. Leather Sandals. A simple and chic leather sandal is a must have during the summer! You don’t need anything fancy, but something nicer than a flip flop, please!

  1. HIGH: Hermes leather sandals ($660)

  2. MID: Steve Madden faux leather sandals ($89)

  3. LOW: Amazon faux leather sandals ($34)


Madewell Whisper Tee

4. White tee. A white tee is essential in my closet for an easy, effortless outfit! You can layer, you can tuck, half tuck, wear with skirts or shorts or dress pants…they’re endlessly versatile.

  1. HIGH: CUTS women’s almost friday tee ($52 – code MERRICK for 15% off)

  2. MID: Old Navy luxe tee ($17)

  3. LOW: Target ribbed tee ($8) 


MW Collection ribbed soft plum dress

5. Everyday dress. I live in dresses during the summer! They’re so comfy and easy to wear, and make you feel pulled together even if it took you 4 seconds to get ready.

  1. HIGH: MW Collection ribbed henley dress ($98)

  2. MID: Nordstrom Tee Dress ($59)

  3. LOW: Old Navy Tee Dress ($30)


Stay tuned for more of these quick 5 summer essentials!



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