Sometimes people’s birthdays sneak up on me and at the last minute I have to think of a great present, run out and buy it (or make it, as the case may be), wrap it, and rush it to their house before the birthday is over.

But most of the time, I plan birthday gifts months in advance. (keep in mind the actual gifts are not always purchased or made months in advance…still working on that…). So was the case with Janssen’s birthday.

Several months ago I got an email from RA, telling me that she had a genius idea for Janssen’s birthday, and she figure that with my recent shift to crafty mode, I could pull off this idea. And thus the idea for the bookplates was born.

Although I think I’ve had pretty good birthday ideas in the past, I think RA has raised the bar with this one. Combined with an embellished shirt, in my opinion it was a pretty dynamite birthday gift.

Thanks, RA.

p.s. Summer is coming to a close and t-shirts will be off the shelves soon! Want one of my embellished t-shirts? They look super awesome under a cardigan for fall! Email me at [email protected]



  1. RA says:

    Merrick, the book plates look so awesome! The idea is no good if execution suffers; way to pull it off in style!

  2. megan says:

    Those are awesome. And yes, on the tshirts. I can't wear mine enough.

  3. Janssen says:

    They ARE awesome. Well done both to you and RA.

  4. cannon says:

    Merrick, I want a shirt. I like the v-neck one. I wear a large. What colors are you doing them in?

  5. Chelsea says:

    Very cool! I have to admit I had to ask what a book plate was. Janssen filled in your clueless cousin so no worried! Loved the look of it…awesome idea!

  6. Packrat says:

    You and RA are amazing. I love that you make gifts for your family. That is so special.

    T-shirts – we still have some warmish days left. What about some long sleeved embellished T's or blouses?

  7. I wish you weren't related to Janssen, and that she hadn't shared you on her blog. See…now I'll have to read all your posts and feel all envious and covet-like. Janssen, what have you done!?!?!

    P.S. Okay, time to UNwish that horrible wish, because it's just too cruel to think you two didn't have each other. Cute-as-button people deserve to have cute-as-button kin. Do strangers think you're 10 years younger than you are too? Janssen looks like a baby.

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