Boy, this blog is desperately in need of attention!

Honestly there isn’t much to post about as far as my art is concerned…I have been going to class but apparently I haven’t been producing much in those classes because I have two things to show for the last three weeks…who knows…

I did this quick painting sketch during composition class. My paintings have been a little uptight in this class lately, so this was my attempt to loosen up.

The Bridge started a new figure drawing class on Saturdays, which I’m totally loving. Philip works every other Saturday, so that will work out great, and now I’m able to get out of the other figure drawing class that I didn’t love. This drawing is week one of an 8 week pose. After working on this drawing for the next few weeks and getting it as accurate as possible, I’m going to seal it to a board and paint over it to do my first figure painting at The Bridge. I’m totally excited about doing this — I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

And I promise I won’t take another 3 week blog vacation…

…see you soon.


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