Dressing Your Whole Family Up for Fancy Holiday Parties

Partnership with Rack Room Shoes

Photography by Priscilla Frey

boys lace up dress shoes

Outfit Details:

On Me:Blush Strappy Heels c/o Rack Room ShoesBlack Dress
On B: Brown Lace up Dress Shoes, c/o Rack Room ShoesNavy Suit
On Fos: Brown Lace Up Dress Shoes c/o Rack Room ShoesNavy Suit

When B (my oldest) was a toddler, we searched everywhere to find nice boy dress shoes, and there were no good options. Everything was clunky, poorly made, and just not cute.

I love dressing my boys up extra fancy for Christmas Sunday or Christmas events, and we dress up every week for church, so a good pair of dress shoes in each of their closets is important to me.

dressing up boys for the holidays
dress shoes for boys
rack room dress shoes
little boy dress clothes
little black dress with strappy velvet heels
boys lace up dress shoes
faux velvet pink heels
dressed up little boy outfits

I have searched for years for good quality and attractive dress shoes for boys, and I finally found some at Rack Room Shoes! These brown lace up ones (that come in big kid and several little kid sizes) are fantastic quality and comfortable for them, and thee shape of the shoe is so good. Not at all clunky.

I was also so excited to find these little black loafers with a buckle for San, because toddler dress shoes are even harder to find.

Rack Room Shoes has become our go-to for kids shoes the last few years, and I love that they carry name brands, so many different styles, and they’re always at amazing prices.

Go check out their full collection of kids shoes here!


Thank you to Rack Room Shoes for partnering on this post!


  1. victor says:

    Awesome post, hope see more like this 😉

  2. Darlayne says:

    Such handsome little boys

  3. Christy dubois says:

    They are going to be heartbreakers when they get older!!! (Why is it when i try ti comment on your post soell check/correction does not work???????)) uuhhhhhhG. Im not aggrivated at yiu but look at this comment amd i do not gave the tume to go back and cortect.
    Amywat, sorry im sucg a grinch. I lobe your blig snd have dif a number of years. If you can tead rhis.
    All of that because tour boys are adorabke and you ate beauriful as usual.

  4. Abbie says:

    Hi Merrick,

    I’m thinking of ordering the black dress in these pictures, It’s so pretty! but I noticed that it has a portion at the waist that is open. How did you disguise that part? I’m Needing to wear this to a couple of work events and think this could work if I can find a way to cover this part.

    Thanks for your help!!

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