A few weeks ago I had the fun chance to attend Adobe Max up in LA. It’s a creativity conference full of booths showcasing new products and machines, all targeting the creative type. Watching adults play with legos, building racetracks for matchbox cars, and sitting on the floor coloring with markers was simultaneously hilarious and endearing — creative people are my people!

My main objective at the conference was to visit the HP Sprout Truck. I tried out the Sprout machine earlier this year (you can see my posts here and here), but since I only got a quick briefing by the guy who came and set it up at my house, I was excited to watch an entire team of Sprout professionals in action and learn a few tips from them.

This machine is such an amazing product and really allows the everyday person to be incredibly creative and make anything they want. I especially loved watching them print this skull on their 3D printer!

Below are a bunch of other things they made using their 3D printer:

When I got home from the Sprout Truck, I was inspired to pull out my Sprout and get creative. I came up with this cute little Halloween invitation using some painted rubber spiders that I scanned in, and then added a hand painted web, different colors of paper, and added some cute text. On my regular computer it would have taken several different programs, plus my camera and transferring the photos over to my computer. I love that the Sprout allows you to do all these things at once, plus provides user friendly programs and templates to easily get started on any project.

I made a quick little video to show the Sprout in action, and share just how easy it is to create anything you want with the Sprout, (and how fast it was to make this party invitation). Hopefully it gets your creative juices flowing!

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It would be so easy to make lots of fun projects during the holidays with a Sprout Machine — Thanksgiving name places for your tablescape, Christmas photo cards, holiday party invitations…the possibilities are endless. Just like HP Sprout’s hashtag reminds us, #GoMakeSomething!

Check out where the Sprout Truck is traveling next on its tour and stop by to check out just how amazing this machine is!

A huge thank you to the Sprout Truck for having me, and for collaborating on this post


  1. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I love the invitations you made! They’re super cute!


  2. Meghan Jenson says:

    The 3D printing stuff is pretty unreal huh? I think this is my favorite use of the sprout that I have seen, Its true it would take a bazillion other steps to to do on another computer.

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