OUTFIT DETAILS: beach coverup, made by me (similar here, here, here, and here for $18) || nanette lapore swimsuit (old, similar here and here) || gorjana beach bag (similar here and here) || havaianas flip flops (old, similar here for $19) || karen walker sunglasses
When I was preparing for Hawaii, I knew I wanted to make a few new beach coverups. I’ve made a few in the past (this romper being one of my favorites), but of course I wanted something new for our trip. I spotted Julia from Gal Meets Glam in this gorgeous coverup, and was instantly inspired. And, as luck would have it, my local fabric shop had a beautiful lightweight rayon in this perfect light teal — obviously I had to make it. The best part is that it came together so easily and it’s a super quick project. You’ll be beach ready in no time!
click through for the instructions!

2 yards lightweight fabric – more or less depending on your size, and how long you want your coverup (mine is a rayon that I picked up at a local fabric spot. It has no stretch, but a fabric with stretch works great too).
6 1/2 yards pom pom trim (I didn’t use all my yardage, but I came close)
teal thread + pink thread
trim for neckline (found at the local fabric spot)
1. Fold your fabric in half and cut a half circle, as shown. Open up your fabric and you should have a perfect circle of fabric.
2. Mark the center of your fabric and cut an opening for your head. I wanted a v-neck in the front, so I cut accordingly.
3. Fold the edges of the neck-hole over twice and hem in place with your matching thread. Cut notches along the curves so the hem lays flat.
4. Measure your neck-hole opening and cut a piece of your neckline trim so size. Pin in place around the neckline and then sew in place with matching thread. Then hem the entire circumference of the coverup with matching thread.
5. Once the entire coverup is hemmed, pin the pom pom trim around the circumference, then sew in place with matching thread.
6. Finally, fold the coverup in half and do two small stitches on either side, under the armpit. These little stitches will keep the coverup from sliding around when you wear it, and keep the sides from being completely open and exposing.
Press all your seams, and you’re done!


  1. Natali says:

    I love beach cover ups when I’m going to the beach and this one is so cute, pom-poms make it irresistible! 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    This is such a cute idea and I think this pattern might be easy enough for me to attempt – yay! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous too!! xoxo

  3. That is so cute!! I love the colors you chose.

  4. You are so so so talented!!

  5. That is the cutest cover up ever. I love turquoise and pink together!

  6. Meghan Jenson says:

    love the first photo!

  7. Jessica says:

    I personally don’t wear bathing suits, but this is the cutest cover up I’ve ever seen! I adore the pom poms.

  8. This is amazing! And it looks so easy, too! I’ve been looking for something like this online but I just might have to make my own now. Thank you! 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  9. Rosie says:

    Yours is sooo much better than the expensive inspo! Love it ❤️

  10. Arianna johnson says:

    Where do you shop locally for your fabric?

  11. Anna says:

    I spotted Julia’s cover up too and bookmarked it so as to DIY!! Now I have yours as well and now I don’t have to wonder what template I should use for the cover up!

  12. Leticia says:

    OMG, this is so awesome! I need to make this ASAP!

  13. SP says:

    This is better than Julia’s! You are so creative, I am jealous!!!

  14. Blair Wyatt says:

    Yesssss! I’m so excited to make this! I’ve seriously been sewing up a storm this week – I LOVE your tutorials!

  15. Senida Husic says:

    This literally makes me wanna take a vaca right now!! And I am so trying this before I do take that vaca!! 😉 <3

  16. Molly May says:

    This is so pretty you could actually sell it, I’d 100% buy it, I love your blog x

  17. Raquel Pedroza says:

    I love this! I think I am going to leave work now and search for material and get started!
    thanks for sharing!!

  18. Jessica says:

    We are going to Catalina for girls camp this Summer, “Anchored in Faith”. I am SO making this!! Thank you for the tutorial and inspiring pictures. I am off to M&L tomorrow!

  19. Emily E. says:

    I cant wait to try this! It seems so simple and looks darling. I’ve been enjoying your DIY’s of Gal Meet Glam lately. I love her blog/clothing but cant afford it. It’s really great that I can make it with your tutorials. Thanks!

  20. Valerie says:

    I love your version even more than the inspiration. My baby bump that will be huge this summer needs this coverup. 😉

  21. Can’t wait to try to make this for the summer.


  22. Heidi D. says:

    I discovered your blog via Alyson over at The Average Girl’s Guide and I’m so happy that I did! This is so incredible and you look gorgeous!


  23. Catherine says:

    This is so great! Question: did you use 45 inch wide fabric or 60 inch wide fabric?

  24. Marite says:

    This is sooo cute! btw did you know that this cover up is sold on amazon? They even have your pictures. Just fyi in case you didn’t know.

  25. Lindsay says:

    This website is also using your picture to sell their product:

  26. Trixieandme says:

    How big is the initial circle you made in #1?

  27. Bethany says:

    Oh, good. I just came over here too to tell you that I saw you on Amazon (that must be surreal, huh?), but I see that you’ve already been notified. Good luck!

  28. Justina says:

    I love this! I just attempted to make it & cut my circle to small. Not sure how to fix it other than to start over. Bummer

  29. Alisha says:

    I looooove this! How much trim did you need around the neck? Is a yard enough?

  30. Savannah says:

    What was the type of trim you bought called? I’m trying to find something similar in another color

  31. Kimberly Hutchings Hibler says:

    Just saw your pictures being used on the site called under the swimsuit section. Yikes. How can they just use your pics like that!?!?

  32. Kacie Ellis says:

    Hey girl! Not sure if you know or if you gave them permission, but I just wanted to let you know that Sheinside is using your photo to sell an identical coverup. Here’s a link to is

    • Merrick says:

      I did know about this one and I contacted them last week about it — so frustrating that they haven’t taken it down like they promised! I’ll follow up again. Thanks for letting me know! xx

  33. Anna says:

    I posted this in another comments section, but I can’t find it! I found this picture being used by a seller on ebay. Here is the link:

  34. Ashley B says:

    Wanted to let you know, I just had a pop up on my Facebook from Groop Dealz selling your cover up listed by the seller of SWIS. Looks like this isn’t the first for you. 🙁

  35. Lydia says:

    Hi! I had saved your pin on pinterest for a cover up project and just happened to be scrolling on groopdealz and saw your exact same picture! I saw that someone has just commented this but wanted to let you know I contacted the seller SWIS to notify them that these are clearly your photos and not theirs as they are claiming. Here is there site: I didn’t see the cover up on their website but just on Groopdealz to be sold for $15.99 and here is that link: Hope this helps!

  36. Laura says:

    getting a huge order of fabrics in soon, and I need to try this!!! You said to use 2 yards for the initial circle. But if I were to measure from wrist to wrist and add about 1.5″ allowing for hems, do you think that would work too?

  37. Angala says:

    Do you know approx. the measurement of the neck opening?
    I want to make for my daughter and she is approx. your size and
    myself …I am too large.

  38. Natasha says:

    Hi Merrick! I just came across your blog and tutorials and am in love! I sew all the time for babies, toddlers and children, but hesitate when it comes to myself. This is encouraging me…
    About how large of a hole did you cut for the neck opening? Thank you!

  39. Kim C says:

    Saw it two days ago, finished today. Added snaps at the shoulder to fold in the sleeves, too!

  40. Lori says:

    Made my own using black and white polka dot fabric! Also just noticed another site using your photo: It’s on their Instagram and looks like they’re selling the caftan as well according to their instagram.

  41. silvia jacinto says:

    Good day! I found your site very interesting and informative . Thanks
    for taking time sharing it with us. I really enjoyed reading your post.


  42. Rachel Aucoin says:

    LOVE! If I wanted to make it a little bit longer in the back and front to make sure it covers up my ample booty, any suggestions on going about doing that?

  43. Kayla says:

    A websit called cupshe is using your pictures to sell this exact cover.

  44. Virginia Rincon says:

    Hello! Just so you know, I run into this page that is using your design (and picture) for commercial purposes with no due credit, and probably without your permission.

    I found your tutorial this morning via Pinterest and I pinned it because I loved it, and just a few hours later I saw it in this other page. Thought you might want to know…

  45. Adventuresofshaw says:

    Hi — I love this — You said you used Rayon — would Chiffon work or possibly a Jersey Knit? Just curious trying to get some options here. Thanks.

  46. Crafty Cat says:

    This looks really cute. I am a beginner sewer and just started learning how to use a seeing machine. Is this a good “first project ” for me and my daughter?

  47. Crafty Cat says:

    Do you make the notches before or after you hem the edges of the neck and fold it over. I wasn’t sure if you do that first or do the notches. I was planning on using a sewing machine or can you use fabric glue. Thanks for your help b

    • Merrick says:

      Make the notches before. It helps the rounded edge fold down easily — otherwise it will pucker. You can use fabric glue, but I’d recommend a sewing machine.

      • Crafty Cat says:

        Thanks. Someone else suggests that too and to iron it afterwards, then fold it over and you may not have to pin it. I was thinking of seeing anyway, it will be better. I just thought maybe the fabric glue would work but probably not strong enough for it too last. That stuff is better with crafts. I just need to find the right color. I was thinking of using gauze. Did you wash your fabric first too? I heard with most things you wear that you should.

      • Merrick says:

        I used rayon for this project, which is hand-wash or dry clean only, so I didn’t prewash it. But I prewash most of my fabrics if they’re machine washable!

      • Crafty Cat says:

        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate it. I am taking a sewing 101 class at JoAnnes and a excited about it. I got a Singer Stylist for my b’day and looking forward to using it on that. I just need to find the right fabric and color. I was going to practice first. I bought two yards of cotton material I thought I might experiment on.

      • Crafty Cat says:

        Sorry but one other question. Did you turn the fabric inside out when you made the notches and sewed the collar first? I I know you work on the opposite side a lot with sewing. I know you do the trim right side out but wanted to check first. Thanks.

      • Merrick says:

        In all my tutorials I show right side and wrong side of the fabric with different colors. You can see in step 3 of this tutorial I’m working on the wrong side of the fabric.

  48. Aline Memmott says:

    Just saw this Etsy shop using your picture:

    Sad how people do this!

    On a lighter note, any tips for sewing a perfect round hem?

  49. Adventuresofshaw says:

    Hi Merrick – on the fold which way is the selvage? I have 2 yards of fabric at 48″ wide (I think from memory) it just doesn’t look right before I cut. Thanks!

  50. Crafty Cat says:

    What size pompous did you use. I saw some at JoAnnes and they wanted $12 a yard for 1 1/8 inch. I saw some at Hobby Lobby that was 3/8 of an inch and a lot less. Itis more like Rainbow loop trim. Do you think that would work too? I am going to use white gauze for materiel and I found some trim that is s half inch.

    • Merrick says:

      I’m not sure what the measurements are…is the 1 1/8 you found at Jo-Ann’s measuring the pom pom itself? Or the trim from top to bottom?

      Regardless, I think any size of pom pom would work great! The 3/8″ will look great, I’m sure.

  51. Barbara Olm says:

    I made this for my daughter and it turned out great! I folded the 2 yards across the width of the fabric so the selvage edges were along both sides. We couldn’t find pompoms we could afford so we used a wide lace on the edge. Also, instead of folding under and notching the neck edge, I used bias tape and sandwiched the raw edge into the bias tape and used a decorative stitch on my machine to sew it down. Turned out cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  52. Crafty Cat says:

    Merrick I think you should put in your tutorial that you used 60 inch wide material. I ended up ruining the material I was going to use because it was too short. I folded it with the salvage side on the sides and my material was 44 inches wide. We made a perfect circle, cut the neck and it was way too short. This may help other people as well.

  53. Karen Halse says:

    This is really cute… did I miss the section that says how large to cut the opening at the neck? Thanks for sharing

  54. Bruce H Stradling says:

    If anyone is interested I have these great designs originally for Gypsy BOHO dresses but this would be a great application for the rounds too. Contact me if your interested and I make one up just for this with any design. Also I do custom designs.

  55. Monica Gerlach says:

    I saw this product and noticed one of the designs looked like you … and it looks like they took your picture and altered it so it comes off as their product. Not sure if you were already aware of this but wanted to let you know!

  56. Elishab says:

    Great design and so easy to make too! thanks for sharing

  57. Paakhi Anand says:

    seriously need to try this <3

  58. Ella Buffalo says:

    What would you recommend using for the trim on the neck line and how much?

  59. Jaycee says:

    I absolutely love this cover up. How did you sew the neckline, SPECIFICALLY the bottom of the neck line? I tried to sew mine but it just turned out as a circle neckline opening.

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  61. Amy says:


  62. Kate says:

    Thank you for sharing the DIY tutorial

  63. Kayla says:

    when you first folded the fabric to cut did you do it length wise (the way the fabric was cut) or did you fold it width wise? Does that make sense. Im just confused how to get the right length. how tall are you?

  64. fetchshe says:

    thanks for your recommendation, it’s a good style with bikini for this summer vacation

  65. Tempt Me says:

    love this! thanks for sharing!! VERY STYLISH!

    tEMPT mE High Waisted SwimsuitS

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