Flowers are definitely one of my love languages. I love filling my house with them because they make my house feel like a home, and just make me plain happy.

Sometimes a simple bouquet of one kind of flower is all I want, but other times it’s fun to make a bouquet that’s a little more complicated and unique, especially if you have a special occasion like a baby or bridal shower. And it’s actually really easy with flowers from the grocery store!

Try these step by step instructions to make a perfect and beautiful bouquet from store-bought flowers!

1. Choose the right flowers. You’ll want a hero flower (mine were these beautiful blush roses), a secondary flower (I chose white hydrangeas), and some greenery. The goal is to have a variety of sizes, shapes and heights. 

TIP: One of the keys to making a really stunning bouquet is keep it to one or two colors. I love a monochromatic bouquet, like the one I made here, but you could also choose a colorful hero flower and then keep the rest neutral and green. The pre-made bouquets at the grocery store often have a lot of colors going on, which makes them look less luxe and show-stopping.

Step 2. Prep your vase and add flower food (which usually comes with grocery store flowers) to the water in the vase. Now cut all the ends off your flower stems and remove any low hanging leaves — leaves in the water equal bacteria, so get rid of anything that might touch the water.

Step 3. Once all of your flowers are prepped, it’s time to assemble. First, place your hero flowers in the vase. They should all be roughly the same height, but the once in the center should be the tallest by a centimeter or two.

Step 4. Next, add your secondary flower. This should fill your vase up quite a bit. Use the same height rules for these flowers — they should be slightly lower than the hero flower around the edges of the bouquet.

Step 5. Now it’s time to add some dimension and depth with your greenery. I found a bouquet at the store that came with several different greens, so I bought that instead of purchasing several greens individually. The tall green leaves add some height, the little wax flowers are great for a good size contrast, and the green flowers add some neutral color and fullness to the bouquet.

Once all of your flowers are in the vase, arrange as needed to make it nice and full, and again make sure no leaves are touching the water.

To keep your flowers alive as long as possible, trim the ends of the stems about 1 cm every 3 days, and change out the water every 2-3 days (adding more flower food if you have extra).



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