I’m really excited about this week because I’ve been asked to be a guest editor for Brickyard Buffalo! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite shops and they’ve generously put their items on sale just for you, and just for this week. I’m super excited about Let’s Playground mats (they have two sizes available), Nena and Co bags (they’re just the prettiest south american hand woven bags), Wind and Willow Home wooden bowls (they’d make an amazing gift), and babylit board books (I love these little darling illustrated books for my kids!)

But the sale I’m MOST excited about, is that The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing is on sale this week over on Brickyard Buffalo! If you haven’t heard about it, it’s the brand new online sewing course I created with my best friend, Leanne Barlow. There are two courses, beginner and intermediate, and we walk you through everything we know about sewing so by the end you’re able to create custom clothing, just like we do! THIS WEEK ONLY they’re 15% off, so go snag yourself our courses and get sewing!

We have loved using our Let’s Playground mat this week. Since it arrived, I’ve used it as a table cloth for making cookies (and cleaning up was such a breeze), at the beach twice, and once at the park for a family picnic. These things are so great. Get 15% off this week only right here on Brickyard Buffalo.

we don’t always cook without a shirt on…just when it’s sweltering hot in our non air conditioned house 😉  

And gosh, aren’t these the prettiest bowls? I love the modern warmth the wood adds to my crisp white area. The marbled gray and white dipped paint on the bottom is just the cherry on top (or bottom, as the case may be). You can find them on sale right here.



  1. Landen says:

    Gosh, Fos and B are SO cute! I love these photos so much!!! I have also heard great things about the Let’s Playground Mats! They look so awesome!

  2. Maggie Staggenborg says:

    Where did you get the purple heels!? LOVE!

  3. SerenaPineda says:

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