Closet Staples Series: Boots for Fall and Winter

I’ve got you covered with all things ankle boots, over the knee boots, rain boots, cold weather boots, and more.

collage four different kinds of boots-suede boots over the knee boots cold weather lace up boots leopard ankle boots

Boots for fall and winter are a closet essential. You should all have a pair or two in your closet. Let me show you a variety of boots for fall and winter!


My monthly closet staples series helps you create a better wardrobe!

During 2019, I’ve done a monthly 2-part closet staples series. October’s theme is BOOTS. You can see the rest of the series RIGHT HERE!

What are the best shoes for fall?

Yep, you guessed it…BOOTS. They’re great with jeans and dresses, can be worn all the way through spring, and keep your feet covered as the weather cools.

But which kind of boots are best?


Which kind of boots for fall and winter should I buy?

The type of boot you wear is honestly up to you! Choose based on the weather in your area, your personal style and preference, your etc.

For example, if you live in rainy Seattle, Washington, a rain boot is obviously going to be high on your list. If you live in New York City, get a cold weather boot.

I’ve broken these into categories below so you can choose based on your needs.


Rain boots are an essential for rainy parts of the world.



Ankle boots are a great transitional boot from summer to winter, or year round for areas with mild winters.



Cold weather boots are perfect for snowy areas!



Over the knee boots are a trendy (and also warm) option



Tall boots are making a comeback this year





Check back tomorrow on to see a bunch of outfit ideas with various styles of boots!



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  2. Michelle says:

    I love wearing boots/booties with skirts and dresses, but have a hard time in the winter when i have to pair a dress-boot outfit with tights! it’s easy if a pair of black tights works with the outfit, but beyond basic black & gray combos, i have NO idea how to choose the right color tights for certain dress-boot combos. please do a post on incorporating tights into these outfits! xo

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