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One of my least favorite tasks as a girl with long hair is blow drying it. I have fine hair, but I have a LOT of it, so it takes a pretty long time to dry it and I’m not really one to put much effort into it. I’ve always owned fairly cheap blow dryers (my most recent one was a $20 Conair), and although they haven’t given me any trouble, my hair is always a big afro mess when the blow dryer is done with it. (remember this? That was relatively tame compared to the usual craziness). Yes, it’s totally my fault because I just flip my hair around and point the dryer in whatever direction I please, and haven’t ever even thought about using a round brush to assist me, etc, etc. And I kind of thought all blow dryers would do that with the very small amount of effort I put into it.

Then Jose Eber contacted me and asked me to try out their Infrared Blow Dryer.  Infrared — doesn’t that sound fancy?? Although I knew it would be a nicer blow dryer than anything I’d ever used, I honestly had pretty low expectations — I still expected to end up with a tangly mess at the end of my blow out, just like always.

Apparently this thing is MAGIC, because even though I did the exact same thing as I’ve always done, my hair was unbelievably smooth and flat (in a good way), and I was pretty much ready to walk out the door in five minutes, not even having to use a straightener. How? I do not know. But I love it. According to the website, the blow dryer actually cleanses and prepares your hair for a return to shine and manageability. Seriously, after one use, I could totally tell. My hair honestly felt and looked healthier!

The blow-dryer has five different settings — high and low air flow, and then cold, warm, and hot temperature. That cold setting (without having to hold down a “cold” button for 5 minutes straight) is my best friend ever in the summer. No melting into a puddle of sweat while getting ready for me!

My only complaint about the blow-dyer (and it pains me to say this because this thing is so awesome in every other way), is that the temperature and air speed buttons are on the front of the handle, right where my hand wraps around. Since the buttons are easy to push and fairly sensitive, I end up pushing them over and over while blow drying, which is a bit annoying. If they were less sensitive buttons, or in a different place on the blow dryer, it would be the perfect blow dyer.

So if you’re like me and are a totally lazy blow dryer, you need this. It has cut my drying time nearly in half, and my hair looks a bazillion times better post drying than ever before. I can be out of the shower with soaking wet hair to completely ready in almost no time at all. AMAZING.  Go check out this blow dryer, and all Jose Eber’s hair tools right here — and their entire website is 15% off with code MERRICK15!



  1. But is it REALLY worth $150? It's funny, I was just thinking this morning how maybe I'm ready to cut my hair again, because as much as I love doing fun updos, I also hate drying my hair for 10 minutes. I'm like you, fine hair but lots of it 🙂
    P.S. I proposed a challenge to fellow style bloggers today…if you're interested! Sarah's Real Life – Outfit Challenge!

  2. WOW! Doesn't a good blow dryer make the difference! I have really long hair and it takes me the better part of an hour to blow dry and then flat iron. I have a salano which does quite well. =) xoxo

  3. Marsa says:

    I need this! my hair is SO thick! I've tried thinning it out but I don't like how it looks when I do that.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Kristina says:

    I have the same problem with my current blow dryer, I'm always accidentally pressing the buttons. Super annoying. In the summer though, I usually just let it air dry – shh, don't tell! I have a lot of fine hair too, so it usually air dries fairly easily.


    Kristina does the Internets

  5. Kates says:

    I'm kind of a skeptic when it comes to expensive blow dryers…I've caved and own a pretty expensive flat iron, which has been life changing, but tackling my blow-dried hair with my flat iron is still a huge ordeal because I have really thick, to-my-elbows, naturally curly hair…blow drying makes it huge and puffy and insane… I just have a hard time thinking that a nicer blow drier would make a difference. Think you can post pictures of your hair JUST blow dried with this dryer? 🙂

  6. that does seem like the perfect blow dryer. I NEVER blow dry my hair for the reason it is frizzy and poofy after and even IF I straighten it it's still too poofy. I take a shower at night and let it air dry and then in the morning when I straighten it's smooth and flat instead of poofy.

  7. Packrat says:

    Since there weren't hair dryers at school where I swam every day in the late 60s and early 70's and had the requisite long straight hair of the times, I just learned to let my hair dry naturally.

  8. Kassie Rew says:

    I feel like it'd be hard to spend so much $ on a blow dryer, but would be nice to not have to spend so much time straightening my hair!


    There is a 20% off code with, found on this blog post. And to note, there is a lifetime warranty, so all the replacements you might buy throughout a lifetime might may for the blow dryer:) I haven't tried it yet but I want to buy it, not sure if they ship to Canada…

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