Black and White (Triangle Tee Tutorial)

One of my favorite past times is online window shopping. Browsing through j.crew, gap, old navy, and forever 21 are usually high on my list, and I often run across a clothing item that I would love to recreate. 
However, as a rule, I don’t bother trying to recreate something if it will cost me more in materials to make it myself. Sometimes do-it-yourself projects end up being more of a hassle and an expense to make, and then they don’t turn out as nice as the original — so you’re better off just waiting for a sale and buying the item. 
With this triangle tee from Forever 21 though, even though it’s only $15, I knew I could recreate it for a fraction of the cost and make it with sleeves so I didn’t have to bother with a cardigan. 
I used a three dollar men’s hanes shirt and some black fabric paint I had lying around, and I love how it turned out! (I nursed the baby in it right before these photos, so disregard all the wrinkles in the triangle).
shirt: made by me (similar) // skirt: gift from janssen (similar) // glasses: firmoo (similar) // lipstick: maybelline “are you red-dy” // watch: michael kors (shop) // bracelets: target and gifts


  • basic white tee
  • matching thread
  • fabric paint and foam brush
  • freezer paper
  • iron
step 1. using my t-shirt skinnification tutorial, take in the sleeves to your desired width.
step 2. cut three strips of freezer paper, making sure that one side of each strip is very straight (use a ruler if you need to). 
step 3. Try your shirt on and with a pin, mark your shirt where you want the triangle. Remove the shirt and iron the three strips in a triangle shape with the straight edges on the inside of the triangle. 
step 4. Place a piece of paper inside your shirt and, using the foam brush, paint in the triangle using a dabbing motion. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then paint a second layer, this time with a wiping motion. Let dry and heat seal with an iron or in the dryer if your fabric paint requires it. 



  1. Ashley says:

    SUCH a cute idea! I agree…sometimes DIY projects turn into a pricier option than the original, but this was the way to go for sure!

  2. Lynne says:

    Very cute- I have heard that acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium is cheaper.

  3. Ash says:

    I love this!! Very cool πŸ™‚ Adding it to my "merrick's tutorials to try" list. πŸ™‚

  4. Janssen says:

    I love that skirt – I wear mine aalllllll the time.

  5. HA! I actually posted that shirt today (but from F21). I wish it had sleeves like yours does! xoxo

  6. Love the shirt! And I seriously have the exact same skirt. πŸ™‚

  7. That's awesome. I'm really into geometric shapes right now, this would be perfect!

  8. Kayla says:

    So cute and so YOU! Love.

  9. Okay this is adorable. I need to try all of these cute ideas!

  10. Kristina says:

    This turned out great, and I love it paired with that skirt!


    Kristina does the Internets

  11. yes! i see so many things on and i'm like, "it's only 7 bucks! must buy!! oh. but i could make that for like 2." love this.

  12. mandylou4 says:

    this would be awesome with the deathly hallows symbol instead of just a triangle.

  13. newpetite says:

    I love this and will def get my hand on plain tee to try this πŸ™‚

  14. I love this, it's so adorable with your skirt too!

  15. Allie Emme says:

    Such a cute idea! Love it.
    xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  16. Mariah says:

    I love this, and so easy! I also love how you styled the whole look, nice job!

  17. Oh guuuurl, you look so chic! I love it with a black pencil skirt, black heels and glasses!

  18. Star White says:

    Just found your blog and I just love it! I'm trying to become a better seamstress (just got a serger for my bday, woot woot!) and I'm finding so much inspiration on your blog! Thanks for all your cute diy's and fashion posts!

    Blessings & peace!

  19. Liz Skousen says:

    My first thought was, "wow, how did she get those textured lines in the triangle?" I totally thought it was intentional. That was my favorite part.

  20. Wow! My latest blog post was how I copy-cat-ed (is that a word???) your "Bonjour" sweater! I'm currently polk-dotting a dark jean skirt. Now, I'm gonna have to try this triangle T-shirt out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Does the freezer paper stick to the shirt when you iron it? Does it leave any residue when you pull it off? Just curious. Thanks.

    • Yes, the freezer paper sticks to the shirt when you iron it, and no, it doesnt leave any residue!

      I dont have a preferred brand of freezer paper — I just use whatever is the best deal at the grocery store! πŸ™‚

  22. Also – do you have any preferred brand of freezer paper?

  23. michellea says:

    Curious what size mens shirt you used. Going to make one for me today πŸ™‚ Love this!

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