The Most Beautiful Dress I’ve Ever Worn

pink tulips and the most gorgeous needle and thread dress


Me: Needle and Thread Beaded Dress c/o BHLDN (the other color is one sale here), Nude Half Tee HereJimmy Choo Pumps (Lower price option HERE)

Philip: Similar Tie Here,  Zegna Black Lace Up Shoes


A few weeks before Sanny was born in 2016, we took a trip down to Carlsbad, California (about an hour and a half south of us) for a weekend getaway. It was over Valentine’s Day and the hotel had a kid club, so we left B and Fos and snuck off for a romantic dinner for two.

I had made myself this bow stamped dress and I wore it out to the restaurant for dinner, and while we were waiting for our table, an older woman stopped me and complimented me on my outfit. She said, “I just love that you’re dressed up! No one dresses up to go out to dinner anymore.”

It was just a quick comment, but it’s stuck with me. It’s true — people don’t dress up. But sometimes it’s so fun to get dressed up, just because.

black suit and beaded Needle and Thread dress
needle and thread dress

dressed up for a fancy date night
valentine's day couple style
needle and thread dress from BHLDN

couple valentine's day style, merrick's art
incredible detailing on this occasion dress from BHLDN
what kind of flowers do you like for Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day Husband and Wife Style
Every detail of this Needle and Thread dress is perfection!

You know I love a new dress for holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Yes, we all love to be casual and comfortable, but dressing up is so fun sometimes, and special holidays are the perfect excuse to put on a sparkly dress and a pair of heels.

The moment I saw this Needle and Thread dress in BHLDN’s occasion collection, I was in love. Every detail is exquisite and incredible, and it’s truly a work of art, and this type of sparkly dress is perfect for a fancy Valentine’s Day date this month!

I rounded up a few other beautiful occasion dresses in the widget above!

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  1. Marta says:

    That’s a beautiful dress! And I love to dress up, I do it anytime I can. Nowadays most people don’t do it anymore, their lives are too busy and they don’t care about these little things that make every day different.

  2. this really is the most beautiful dress!!!

  3. LIndsay says:

    wow! This is indeed a beautiful dress!! So are the others that you put in your widget!! Love them all!!!

  4. Tammy says:

    I LOOVE the dress!!! I mean this with all kindness but the average person either cannot or would not choose to pay $400 for a dress so if you have come across anything this beautiful cheaper it would be awesome if you posted it. 🙂

    I would love a dress like tHat! 🙂

    • Merrick says:

      Yes, I totally understand! In the middle of the post there’s a widget with a bunch of beautiful dresses that have a similar feel and are different price points – some as low as $50. Go check those out – hope you can find one you love! xx

  5. Liv says:

    That dress is beautiful!



  6. Laura says:

    this dress truly is beautiful! xx

  7. natali says:

    Oh my, that is truly the most beautiful dress and suits you perfectly! such a princess. 🙂


  8. Jess says:

    Beautiful dress! I’ve been stalking it online for some time and hoping it drops down from $400 at some point. I tried it on in the store in the other color, and it was lovely. It’s so nice to SEE your gorgeous pictures of the DREss!

  9. Nawsheen says:

    Hi!this is super beautiful. But is it less of a pink than shown on the website?

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  11. Verena says:

    My friend saw this dress on you and is now madly in love. She would really really love to get marry in in this dress. Problem is this dress is nowhere to be found. But you could help us a gr wt deal by sharing the name of the dress? That would.make our search so much easier. Thanks and have a great start in 2021.

  12. Susana says:

    I Am in love for This dress i would like to find him . I will batism my twins next year and this dress is something really speCial . Could you Tell mE the name or kind of reference to make my search EASIER !! I Would Apreciate. THanks a lot

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  15. I would love to have this dress! says:

    Does anyone have this dress in a size 10 or 8 that I could buy? I cannot find it anywhere to buy on line. This is the dress I want to wear to my son’s wedding.

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