22 Better Than Basic Accessories and Shoes for Winter

better than basics accessories

This week is Better Than Basics week! Today we’re talking all about Better Than Basic accessories and shoes for winter. Here are 22 really fantastic ones at all price points!


Let’s talk about accessories and shoes for winter

When outfits can look a little neutral, accessories and shoes for winter  are a must. A few great accessories and shoes for winter can take those super basic outfits to the next level.

It’s day FIVE of Better Than Basics and today I want to show you some of my favorite accessories and shoes for winter

If you missed days 1-4, you can find them RIGHT HERE:


What makes accessories or shoes for winter better than basic?

These are the kinds of accessories and shoes that make a statement by themselves — they stand out, add personality, and fun to an otherwise simple outfit.

I try to keep my shoes pretty classic in general, especially during the winter, but buckles or laces can make a pair of classic shoes feel a little more special.

The focus today is more on accessories, like scarves, socks, hats, and jewelry.


Here are some things to look for in Better Than Basic accessories for winter.

  • Color – a bright colored beanie or scarf is a great option to make the outfit feel better than basic.
  • Prints – a plaid scarf or a pair of patterned socks helps an outfit feel a little more fun. Also try a patterned bag strap to add a pop of pattern or color!
  • Embellishments – as I mentioned above, laces or buckles on a shoe, or other fun embellishments, makes the shoe feel more fun. With hats, a pom pom makes it feel better than basic.


How to wear Better Than Basic accessories and shoes

Statement accessories and shoes look best with more subtle outfits, which is perfect during the winter when you’re wearing lots of basics.

Add a fun hat to a sweater and coat combo, or a pair of cool socks to fill in the gap between your shoes and your pants. Or maybe try a bold printed scarf with your coat.


Here are a few examples.

leather jacket with studded high top sneakers and gray scarf
black jumpsuit with madewell coat and leopard flats
floral dress with fur vest
plaid scarf with white coat and gray beanie
tan coat with tan turtleneck sweater and sherpa lace up boots
tan shirt with tan coat and leopard shoes

outfit details for all of these outfits are linked HERE


Check out these great 22 Better Than Basic accessories and shoes for winter







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