22 Better Than Basic Winter Tops

better than basic tops

This week is Better Than Basics week! Today we’re talking all about Better Than Basic winter tops and coats. Here are twenty-two really great ones.


Do you own a few better than basic winter tops?

We probably ALL have basics in our closet (if you don’t, read this post right here). But it’s those BETTER THAN BASIC pieces that really make your basics shine, and help you put together BETTER THAN BASIC outfits.

So many of you tell me you struggle to put together great outfits – they feel boring and too simple.

Adding a couple of BETTER THAN BASIC winter tops to your closet will help you put together some amazing outfits this winter.

If you missed day 1 of this series, check it out here:


What makes winter tops better than basic?

These are the kinds of tops that are a step above your basic t-shirts, sweaters, coats, or sweatshirts . We all have t-shirts and sweaters, and they’re essential in a closet but they can be boring if you pair basics with basics!


Here are some things to look for in a Better Than Basic top.

  • Fabric – the quality or type of the fabric makes a big difference in how nice a top looks and feels. Look for quality knits, thick and sturdy sweatshirt material, soft flannels, wool jackets, or details like quilting (that’s very popular this year).
  • Color – in the winter, rich hues like blue, hunter green, red, navy, olive, and other colors are great choices. You’ll also see a few bolder and brighter colors mixed in here!
  • Print – plaids, buffalo check, florals, leopard prints…so many good fall prints!
  • Shape – peplum, wrap style, button up, flowy, cropped, boxy, fitted – lots of options here!
  • Sleeve and neckline details  – puffed sleeves, square or v-shaped necklines, ruffle neck, ruffle sleeves, tie sleeves…so many good variations!


How to wear a better than basic winter top or jacket

This is where your basics come in. You can pair Better Than Basic tops with basic jeans or pants during the winter. You could tuck or half tuck them into a skirt. Wear them with wide-leg pants, or dress pants, or even jogger pants!

Of course, you can also wear them with not-so-basic pieces too.


Here are a few examples…

suede skirt with pom pom sweater
buffalo plaid jacket with leather leggings
pink windowpane sweater and pink coat
purple sweater with green coat

outfit details for all of these outfits are linked HERE



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