The Best Places to Shop for Little Boy Clothing

I get questions all the time about where I shop for little boys — places with cute, comfortable, neutral pieces that are easy to mix and match. I have a handful of favorites, so I thought I’d do an entire post about it so all the information is in one easy place.

the best baby boy clothing


Baby Clothing :

  • I love putting my babies in ROMPERS. Rad Revolution Kids has some of the best, with fun prints and easy slip on styles.
  • OLD NAVY has tons of good onesies for babies too – super neutral prints, and soft, long sleeve and short sleeve options that keep them cozy.
  • we got a few pieces from CHILDHOODS CLOTHING when my boys were super little and the quality is so good. The pieces we got were so soft, so comfy, and really well made. They have cute rompers, shorts, hoodies, and more.
  • For PAJAMAS for my babies, I basically only buy CARTER’S. They have the warm, fleece styles in for the winter, and the lighter weight cotton for the summer. I’ve bought them for years and they’ve held up through all three of my boys.
  • I’m obsessed with ADEN AND ANAIS pieces because they’re modern and simple. They have amazing swaddle blankets too, but their clothing (although limited) is sweet and simple, lightweight, and super cozy. I love this little footie onesie that we got for Sanny.
  • One last favorite is H&M. They have cute mix and match kinds of pieces that are super affordable.


mom of boys



Play and Casual Clothing for Toddlers to Little Boys:

  • We get our T-SHIRTS from tons of different places, and lots of them are from little online shops. But my go-to for inexpensive, simple, durable, comfortable tees is TARGET, OLD NAVY, and TUCKER + TATE at NORDSTROM. I almost always steer away from graphic tees (any graphic tees we have are from little online shops, where the graphics are much more tasteful than anything you’ll find at Target), and I try to keep all their tees in the gray/blue/green/white color range. It makes it so easy to mix and match.
  • For PANTS and JEANS, I love the OLD NAVY SKINNY CUT jeans. And for my babies and toddlers, I love to raid the girls section and grab the GIRL SKINNY JEANS and LEGGINGS. We also love COTTON ON KIDS PANTS,  TUCKER AND TATE’S CHINOS, and also H&M.
  • THESE STRETCH TWILL SHORTS are my 8 year old’s favorite pair of non-uniform shorts. They have such a good slim fit, but they’re stretchy and soft so he feels super comfy.
  • For other SHORTS, we like OLD NAVY and TARGET.
  • My boys also love to wear BASEBALL HATS. Some of our favorites are the REY TO Z MONOGRAMMED HATS, and BINKY BROS for babies.


the best school uniforms for boys


School Uniforms:

  • My boys are required to wear uniforms at their school, so I was on the hunt for lightweight, comfortable polo shirts and shorts that they’d be happy to wear. I found these DRI-FIT POLO SHIRTS and SHORTS from Chaps last summer and scooped up a ton of them for each of them.
  • All other polo shirts we’ve bought are stiff, get bleached out, get really wrinkly in the dryer, etc. THESE DRI-FIT ones are a dream, and they literally won’t wear anything else to school.
  • They’re low in stock online, but check your local Kohls — they might have more sizes in the store, or restock over the summer when back to school stuff starts showing up.


the best swimsuits for little boys


  • When we lived at the beach for four years, we went through a lot of swimsuits and I became really aware of which swimsuits for my kids were better than others. COTTON ON KIDS SWIMSUITS are by far my favorite swimsuits for my boys.
  • Their ONE PIECE RASH GUARD SWIMMER for babies is the best thing ever. It keeps Sanny from getting any burns at all, and is perfectly fitted and so darn cute. They’re back with new styles this year and I can’t wait to grab him another.
  • Their SWIM SHORTS are such a cute style for boys — not too short, but just a little short so they’re not hanging down to their ankles when they get wet. My favorite is the MURPHY SHORTS STYLE. The material is nice and thick, but still soft and comfortable. And the drawstring lets you adjust the waist. I have several pairs for each of my big boys and they’ve lasted us three summers.
  • For SANDALS, we always go with the inexpensive OLD NAVY ones. I love that the TODDLER ONES have a heel strap so they’re easy to keep on!


dress shoes for boys


Dressy Clothing:

  • We attend church every Sunday where we dress up in our “Sunday Best.” I discovered APPAMAN SUITS a few years ago, and instantly fell in love with them. They’re perfectly tailored, LITTLE BOY SUITS. They range from size 2T to size 10, and the quality is unmatched.
  • We first had these NAVY SUITS for the big boys, and we recently got the GRAY LINEN suits for all three of them (as seen here).
  • My boys have literally worn them every single Sunday for over a year, and they’re still in nearly perfect condition. Even with regular wear and on sometimes crazy little boys! Also, the navy ones we got were machine washable, so I washed them regularly. However, the linen ones are dry clean only, which I didn’t realize until I got them. But then my kids unknowingly put them in the hamper, my husband did the laundry, and they all went through the wash. They didn’t shrink at all, and just needed a good pressing when they got out. Phew! Now i know I can wash them occasionally instead of dry cleaning only (cause no one has time to dry clean their kids clothes)!
  • If you’re looking for less expensive options, APPAMAN SUITS ARE ON SALE HERE pretty often!
  • For white shirts under their suits on Sunday, we use THESE DRI-FIT ones. They’re lightweight, super comfy, and come out of the dryer with no wrinkles!
  • If you’re looking for not-quite-so-dressy outfits for your boys, I shared some more CASUAL DRESSY LOOKS HERE.
  • My favorite places for TIES for the boys is NORDSTROM’S ZIP UP TIES or GYMBOREE’S VELCRO BACK TIES. We also have lots of bow ties, but we’ve been sent them from little mom and pop shops and I don’t remember the names of all the brands unfortunately.
  • For dress shoes, we love THESE LACE UP DRESS SHOES from Rack Room Shoes. They fit TTS, they’re comfy, and the material doesn’t peel off like most dress shoes I’ve purchased for my boys over the years. Definitely recommend these shoes!


Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment!


my favorite places to shop for shoes for my kids



  • My number one place to get everyday/school/play shoes for my boys is RACK ROOM SHOES. They have basically all the brands that my boys love to wear – Nike, Adidas, Vans, and more, but for really good prices, and they often have BOGO details going on.
  • My very favorite pair my kids have are the NIKE’S WITH VELCRO CLOSURE. (They also sell them HERE at RRS). They’re soft, comfy, supportive, and so easy to slip on by themselves.
  • Another favorite play shoe is the brand PEOPLE FOOTWEAR. They have a little slip on sneaker that’s made with a rubber sole and a mesh stretchy polyester upper. They’re so comfy and lightweight and they come in cute colors for boys and girls. I need to get them new ones for summer!
  • I mentioned above that I got the boys’ DRESS SHOES from RACK ROOM SHOES also. They don’t have a huge selection, but they have some really cute ones RIGHT HERE. These BROWN LACE UP DRESS SHOES are the ones we have and love.
  • We currently have THESE LIGHT TAN WINGTIP SHOES for Sanny for church, and they’re super cute, but they have already gotten scuffs and some peeling on the toes.
  • For the summer, if you’re looking for something more durable than flip flops, we love NATIVE SHOES. They’re soft, comfortable, breathable, and super cute. They have a similar feel to crocs, but I think they’re way cuter. They come in a ton of cute colors for boys and girls!
  • Shoes for babies can be really tricky, cause everything falls off. But we’ve found that FRESHLY PICKED MOCCASINS are by far the best moccs out there and actually stay on all day long. I got a pair of CRIB MOCCS (newborn size) for Sanny when he was born and they were the only shoes he wore for months. And then they’re basically the only shoes I put on my babies until they’re about one and a half. They’re pricey, but I’ve tried other moccs and the faux leather peels off, and the shoes aren’t soft and pliable. Skip the dupes and get the real deal.



  1. Katie says:

    Your red striped tee in the swimsuit photo! Where is it from?

  2. Ashley Baxter says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your resources. I’ve found outfitting a big boy to be a littLe more challenging. Now that auggie is in a size 6, a lot of boy’s clothing is athletic or has a crazy graphic.

    • Merrick says:

      YES! the older they get the harder it becomes. So frustrating. Everything is sports or graphic or not great quality. Struggles!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Merrick, you’re so cute! I love you! I love how modestly you dress!

  4. Garley says:

    Thanks for posting this! I have three BOYS,too,(4,7,9 years) and I completely agree with you about the appaman suits. They are the best and I love ther modern tailoring!
    I hate graphic tees as well but they somehow make their way into our closets (gifts?). All my kids wear uniforms on weekdays and on occasional “free- dress” DAYS they pick their own clothes and those darn graphic tees seem to resurface.
    Lastly, thanks for the info on the Rack Room shoes! Nordstrom used to be my GO-to for their Ecco shoes but they’ve been d/c’ed. I often find myself scrambling around Christmas time when there’s a school performance and then realize that they’ve grown out of their last pair of dress shoes.
    Anyway, thanks again! So helpful and I was Super excited and pleased with the info you provided!

  5. meghan says:

    Love this post! The navy blue Appaman suit on Zappos that you linked says “Dry clean only” in the info section. But, you say you washed and dried them just fine?? I’m also looking for my soon-to-be-8 son and I just can’t find something that is good quality and Machine washable.

    • Merrick says:

      Oh shoot — the Navy blue ones they wore must have been slightly different. To be honest, I think you can machine wash all of them (since I machine washed the dry clean only ones too). Check — I know they sell some that are exclusively machine wash!

      • Meghan says:

        So, I contacted Appaman directly, and they said that the navy blue, gray, and black suits are part of their permanent collection and ARE machine washable, yay! The suit itself would have the best information, but also their website is more accurate. Zappos for some reason only says dry clean. Anyways, thought I’d share! Totally snagging one for my son’s baptism this summer!

    • Meghan says:

      Also, sorry one more thing… Do you find that they run true to size? My son is a size 8 right now, but I’m thinking of getting the 10 according to their sizing chart… and the fact that my son grows like a weed and is tall.

      • Merrick says:

        Ah, good to hear! The sizing is definitely slim – I’d size up and then he can wear it for a few years!

  6. Claire says:

    I love this. boys are SO hard on clothes. I have found that old navy’s shirts get mis shapen after about 10 wears so i eneded up going back to gap (not gap outlet….those are even worse than ON’s) shirts for quality. Also Hannah Andersson rompers and jammies are the best! Yay for boy moms. Also I am glad I am not the only mom that isn’t picky about obnoxious graphic shirts…. haha!

  7. Victoria Gaffney says:

    Ok silly question…i got my son the murphy swim shorts at coTton on kIds. Theyre unlined. Am i supposed to have him wear something underneath?! #firsttimEboymom

    • Merrick says:

      Oh, my boys ALWAYS wear a pair of undies under their swim shorts so I literally never think about the fact that some have the mesh and some don’t. Just toss on a pair of undies and he’ll be good 😉

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