My Favorite Stroller in the World

Photography by Gabi Wells

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When I was pregnant with my first baby, someone told me that if I planned to have more than one baby, I should just get a double stroller now. I remember laughing at the thought of pushing a giant double stroller around with only one tiny baby in it because, at that point, the only double strollers I’d ever seen were like six feet long. I didn’t take her advice, and instead, I bought the least ugly stroller I could find.

Baby gear has come an insanely long way in the last eight years since I was pregnant with my first baby, and it’s incredible that you can now buy a single stroller that converts into a double and even a triple, and it’s really good looking to boot! So you can actually buy a double stroller in sections and use it for all your children. GENIUS. | baby jogger city select single stroller | baby jogger five point harness | baby jogger stroller | best double stroller | second seat baby jogger city select | installing a second seat on the baby jogger city select | baby jogger adding a second seat | baby jogger double stroller | installing a seat on the baby jogger city select

After I had my second baby, a nice stroller was top on my list of purchases. The stroller we had purchased for my first was falling apart and in horrible condition, and I was ready to invest in something that would last me for the rest of my babies. So right after we moved to California, I took my saved up money and bought the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller. It has a sleek and sturdy base with big durable wheels that are great for running, and then the option for a single seat, double seats, AND a wheel board for a third child to stand. I bought the base and both seats, but just for one baby you could buy the single seat and purchase a second seat later.

The moment the stroller arrived I was in love. And everywhere we went people asked about it, or we’d hear people whispering about it as we walked past. It just is so good. I love that the seats can face each other, or face forward or backward, they can recline really far back, and the shades on each seat come really far down for a lot of sun protection. The seats also have pouches on the back, and a cup holder accessory you can buy.

We’ve now had it for over four years, we use it almost every single day, it has come with us on countless vacations, and it’s still in incredible condition. Honestly, I wish this stroller had been around for my first so I didn’t waste my time buying a different stroller. We’ve tried other strollers that have cracked because they’re made of plastic, or the wheels deflate constantly, or one thing or another. And this one has stayed in perfect condition for over four years. It’s incredible!

We just bought the wheel board, so now there are three spots for all three of my boys, and it’s basically the best thing that has ever happened to this mama. There are a few other strollers in the Baby Jogger line and they’re now all available at, and this other travel model is currently on sale for 15% off! Go check out the entire line right here.


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    Super cute photos! Lovely mama on duty!

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    Definitely looks like a great choice!!

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