Easy and Harmless April Fool’s Jokes for Your Kids

april fools jokes for kids merricksart

I love April Fool’s day! I always try to do something FUN for my kids that will make them laugh. Here are 5 easy jokes you can play that are harmless and fun.


Are you a fan of April Fool’s Day? I hate all the mean jokes, personally. But I like doing some silly things that will make my kids laugh. Or maybe jokingly roll their eyes and say, “Mooooom.” That always makes ME laugh.

If you need some ideas, I’ve got five easy April Fool’s jokes for kids that are cute and silly that you can throw together at the last minute, especially because April Fools is only a few days away.


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april fools jokes for kids
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april fools jokes for kids
april fools jokes for kids
april fools jokes for kids
april fools jokes for kids
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Easy and harmless April Fools jokes you can play on your kids:


1. Swap their water bottles with Sprite! I’ve been doing this for years and my kids think it’s the best ever. They usually don’t take a drink of their water bottles until they get to school, so it’s a fun surprise and they’re so excited to tell me about it when they get home. Our water bottles aren’t transparent, but if yours are, the Sprite is clear so they won’t suspect it. Just don’t do it in water bottles that will build up pressure and explode in their faces!


2. Swap a Cheetos bags with baby carrots! Carefully open up the bag (individual or a family bag) and dump out the cheetos into another bag. Hide that bag away and fill the Cheetos bag with carrots, then glue the bag back together. They’ll be shocked when they open it up!


3. Make Jell-O drinks. I do this one every year and the kids LOVE it. I pour the Jell-O into cups so it looks like juice, and then add a straw for extra effect. They go to take a drink and realize it’s totally solid and it always makes them laugh! Plus they get Jell-O out of it, which they love.


4. Swap the cereal bags. This one is super simple…just pull the bags of cereal out of the boxes and swap them. Choose a basic cereal and put a bag of fun cereal inside…they’ll be thrilled when they go to eat Chex and get Reeses’ Puffs!


5. Put Wiggly Eyes on everything! I always put eyes on the toilet seat so when they lift it up in the morning they have some eyes peeking at them. Put them on the mirror, on the cups in the cupboard, on food in the fridge or in the pantry. These adhesive wiggly eyes from Walmart make it so easy…no tape or glue required, and no damage to anything.


6. Fill your fridge ice dispenser with candy. I did this last year and my kids thought it was so funny. Just put it right in the chute part of the ice dispenser so when they push the button, their cup fills with candy!


Any other fun ideas for April Fools? Tell me some of your traditions, or try some of these out this week on April 1st!




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  12. Can’t wait for the april fool’s day coming up next year to use this on my kids

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