When I was in Amsterdam last week, one of the first things that I noticed was the fashion. I saw tons of leather jackets, and tons of scarves. My husband had coincidentally traveled to Paris the week before (a trip he had planned over a year before, and just happened to be a week before my trip) and surprised (and spoiled) me by bringing home this gorgeous purple Hermes scarf. I brought it along to Amsterdam because it just felt so European, and it turned out it was a perfect accessory since everyone was wearing  a scarf.

Since my scarf is such a gorgeous, bright color, I really wanted it to POP. So I paired it with a simple all-white outfit — my eyelet top and white jeans, and then completed the look with a black leather jacket. I love how it turned out. A simple black and white outfit can be classic and super chic, but the color pop from the scarf really completes the outfit and makes it special.

Try adding color pops to your neutral outfits with a bright bag, a colorful necklace, a head wrap, a pair of shoes, a belt, or even just a swipe of bright lipstick!


h&m jeans, similar on sale!
hermes scarf (gift from husband)
jellypop boots, c/o (buy here)


  1. LOVE this look!! Such a great styling tip!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Night Chayde says:

    Love the pop of color! So cute with a neutral color scheme.


  3. 204 Park says:

    Love the booties! Xo, S

  4. Karen N says:

    I'm not really a scarf person (I just don't like things near my face), but that one could make me reconsider! It's beautiful! And, as usual, your pictures are lovely.

  5. Carole says:

    Wow! Who took those photos??

  6. Navya says:

    I really like this outfit… It exudes class!

  7. I'm shocked – I did this today, before reading your post. Actually, I was afraid I was ruining the black and white trend, but it worked. Thanks for helping me feeling like I have serious back-up every once in a while! 🙂

  8. WOW! Super spoiled!! Love the colors in the scarf, the hubs did a great job choosing that one!


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