A Review of my Stitch Fix Box After Six Months

This post was created in partnership with StitchFix, and all opinions are honest and my own.

My review of my stitch fix box after six months

Have you guys heard of StitchFix? If you haven’t, this is about to change your life. I’ve been partnering with them for the last six months, and now I’m excited to share my experience, what the benefits are, and why you’ll love it.

What is Stitch Fix?

Basically it’s an online styling service where a personal stylist hand picks items of clothing for you.

You start by filling out a style profile, and then you can select to have boxes sent every 2-3 weeks, once a month, every other month, or whatever you personal preference is. You pay $20 for the styling fee (you can get your first month’s styling fee waived right here!), and then your stylist chooses 5 items (tops, dresses, pants, skirts, shoes, accessories, and even bags) to send to you.

Try them on at home, test them out, and decide which items you want to keep, and your $20 styling fee goes toward the purchase of any of those items! You also get 25% off if you decide to keep all five items. And they provide a free return label so you can send back any pieces you don’t want to keep.


reviewing my stitch fix box
trying new trends with my stitch fix box
style guide in my stitch fix box
fur vest in my stitch fix box


Here’s why I love it.

I love that it introduces me to new brands. There are SO many good brands out there, and sometimes I get stuck in a routine ordering from the same places. So I love that it broadens my shopping horizons!

Having someone else choose pieces for me helps me branch out beyond my favorite basics. You guys know I love a cozy sweater, a striped tee, or a pair of distressed denim, but every single box I’ve received has something unexpected that I end up loving. Like my olive green chino trousers, or my shearling lined denim jacket.


And here’s why you’ll love it.

You get a personal stylist for twenty dollars. And actually Stitch Fix is waiving your first month’s styling fee right here!

Your stylist sends outfit ideas for each piece in your Fix. This might be the best part. There’s a card inside your fix that shows two outfits, usually one dressy and one casual, and it gets all the ideas flowing for wearing your five pieces.

You can request different kinds of Fixes: vacation, one entire outfit with accessories included, basics, and more! Or you can just have your stylist surprise you.

They have maternity, petite, plus sizing, and even men’s now. So it’s literally for anyone and everyone! I think it’s especially helpful during pregnancy when getting dressed is particularly hard.

It makes an amazing gift, and they have gift cards available! I heard of some people getting a gift card for Christmas last month and I think it’s such a great idea to give to anyone.


Also try these tricks for the best possible Fix.

Give feedback to your stylist! After your Fix arrives, you get an email that asks you to check out and decide which pieces to keep or return. For each item, you can tell your stylist why you loved it or didn’t love it, based on the price, fit, material, etc, and there’s a place for additional notes. Use. this. space. and give her feedback (good or bad) so your fix is just as good, or even better the next time.

Request certain items with your Fix. Stitch Fix reposts outfits on their Instagram page regularly, and if you see something you like, send a request to your stylist for that item! It’s not always in stock so it’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll get it, but if it’s not available they’ll put something similar in your box that month.


I also wanted to show you some of the pieces I’ve received in my Stitch Fix boxes over the last six months!

merricksart sequin stitch fix top

Stitch Fix Red Sequin Top, Old Navy Jeans, Stitch Fix Pearl Flats

merricksart.com leopard flats and embroidered sweater

Stitch Fix Embroidered Sweater, Mott and Bow Jeans, Stitch Fix Leopard Slides

Fur Vest and Velvet Pants

Stitch Fix Ruffled Top, Stitch Fix Fur Vest, Stitch Fix Velvet Pants

sweat pants and sneakers from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Hoodie, Stitch Fix Joggers, Stitch Fix Sneakers

Cozy Sweater and Structured Bag from my Stitch Fix Box

Stitch Fix Cable Knit Cardigan, Stitch Fix Lace Hem Blouse, Stitch Fix Structured Tote, Stitch Fix Ankle Boots

10 closet staples for christmas wishlist

Stitch Fix Pom Pom Sweater, Stitch Fix Leopard Flats, Old Navy Jeans

ruffle sweater and olive pants

Stitch Fix Ruffled Sweater, Stitch Fix Olive Chino Pants, Stitch Fix Metallic Flats


If you’ve been needing help with your wardrobe, and feel like you don’t even know where to start, Stitch Fix is an amazing place to start.

Get your first month’s styling fee waived right here, so you literally have nothing to lose. Go check it out!




  1. brianna says:

    So many cute pieces. I may have to give this a try when i go back to work – depending which job i end up with, i’ll either need more dressy clothes or more casual stuff.

    p.s. i’m loving your wardrobe guide. i can’t wait to start implementing your tips.

    p.p.s. you look really cute in that photo with your glasses – they suit you really well.

  2. Lisa Bruno says:

    Great pieces! My Son is a stitchfix STYLIST for both women and men. Awesome process of selection of piEces. The more INFORMATION You provide, the better the selections. COst effective and fun!

  3. KiMberly says:

    I love all your pieces you received! What style Did you use to describe what you wanted?

    • Merrick says:

      I’m not remembering if there was a place that I had to put a specific style – it’s been months since I filled out my style profile, so maybe I’m forgetting. But the style profile has different clothing collages you can select from and list your level of interest, and I just did my best to be really clear which ones I LOVED and which ones I HATED. Sorry this is not much help in relation to your question!

  4. Rochelle says:

    I was pretty diSappointed in the few months i used stitch fix. I specifically asked for no sleevEless tops or 3/4 sleeves becaUse i doN’t wear sleEvEless, and i hate 3/4 sleeves. Every single month i had one or both of those things in my box,.. even with repeated and sPecific feedback. There were some other issues as well. Maybe i’ll try aGain someday, but i just ended up feeling frustrated most of the time!

    • Rochelle says:

      oh my gosh, this comment box did not like my typing for some reason!! What is up with that? Haha.

    • Merrick says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! Their customer service is really good — I’d maybe send them an email and tell them you’d like to try again and see what they can do to rectify the situation. Good luck!!

  5. Alex says:

    I love all the pieces you Have! This is something I would love to try one day… on average, what is the cost per ITEM, or for the box if you keep everything?I think that is the big kicker for not trying it while still in school.

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