7 Helpful Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothes

7 tips for storing off season clothes

It’s that time of year when the seasons are changing and it’s time to store your summer clothes and pull out your fall and winter clothes! Here are a few reasons to do it, and the best practices when storing seasonal clothes.


Why would you even bother storing seasonal clothes?

This is something I’ve done since I was a little kid, and I’ve continued to do it through my life and with my kids, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. There are lots of benefits to it!


Here’s why you should be storing out of season clothes

1. It clears up tons of space in your closet.

In our new home I have a big closet, but most of the closets in the homes we’ve lived in have been very small. Maximize the space by pulling storing winter clothes out during the summer, and summer clothes out during the winter.

2. It keeps your clothes in better condition

If you store your off season clothing properly, you’ll keep them in better condition by not hanging them or displaying them year round.

3. It’s like you get a brand new wardrobe every season

This is my favorite reason to store my clothes away. When I go to pull my clothing out of storage, I realize I forgot about many of the pieces I owned. It’s so fun to remember what you have because you haven’t seen them in months!


What clothing items do I store? Which items do I keep out?

When it comes to storing out of season clothes, I’d recommend storing only your summer and winter clothes. Spring and fall clothes can often be worn with summer and winter clothes for cooler summer nights, or warmer winter days. So you want easy access to those lightweight jackets, ankle boots, and a few spring dresses.


How about some seasonal wardrobe storage tips!

This is the important part — how to store them so they don’t get damaged or eaten by moths.


1. Make sure all your items are clean before storing them.

This is probably obvious, but it must be mentioned. Don’t put away clothing with deodorant marks or makeup stains unless you want those stains to be permanent. I’ve made this mistake with baby clothes before and those little spills that I didn’t notice turned into very yellow spots that ruined the outfit.


2. Store those seasonal clothes in a cool, dry, place. 

If you have high shelves in your closet, that is a great place to store clothing. Don’t store them in the garage or a storage unit, if at all possible, since bugs and dust are much more likely to get in there.


3. Pack your off season clothes in an airtight container. 

I often do this in BIG STORAGE BINS LIKE THESE.  You could also store items in GARMENT BAGS in a spare closet. Or use flat storage bins that are short enough to slide underneath your bed. Check out this UNDER THE BED DRAWER FOR SHOES! The Container Store has tons of different options that are awesome.


4. Include fabric damaging insect repellant, just in case.

Just to be safe, it’s smart to put some cedar balls or something similar to repel fabric damaging insects. These little CEDAR RINGS are great to toss in, or store around your hangers if you’re hanging up your clothing.


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