5 Favorite Things This Month

I’m back with another 5 favorite things post! Here are my most loved or used items from January.


5 favorite things I’m loving this month.

I love sharing these 5 favorites every month! It’s fun to share what’s worked for me at home, in my beauty routine, or a favorite book I’m reading. Here are the five things I really loved this past month.


1. CRZ YOGA Leggings. I heard about these from my friend Abby and they’re fantastic, super affordable, buttery soft leggings. They come in tons of colors and are great for workouts or for everyday. My Nike Zenvy and Zella leggings are my absolute favorites, but these are a close runner up and a fraction of the price!

2. Aritzia Coat.  This coat is definitely a splurge, but it is truly the tan wool coat of my dreams. It’s super high quality, a beautiful fit, and a classic length and style that will last forever. If you’ve been looking for a good coat, Aritzia has a huge selection of wool and puffer coats, and one of their light gray wool coats is definitely on my wishlist. Get your normal size – I’m in a size XS.

3. Sophie Cousen’s books. She has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I’ve spent the last year reading LOTS of rom com kinds of books, and lots of them are the same concept or storyline over and over. Sophie’s books are creative and clever, and just the right amount of fun and romantic and engaging. Her books do have some language (heads up on that) but not excessively, and they definitely have more adult themes, but they’re not explicit. This month I read “The Good Part,” and it has been one of my favorites. It’s about a girl in her mid twenties who’s at job she hates and has a sad dating life. She makes a wish to skip to the good part of her life, and wakes up 16 years later in a possible future life with a husband and kids and an amazing job, but has skipped all these important years and has to figure out if she wants to (or even can) go back, or just stay in the future even though she can’t remember anything of the last 16 years. It’s well written, has really good character developement, and is just a really sweet story that you’ll love.

4. Everlane Way High Jeans. I got these jeans a few weeks ago and they instantly became a favorite. I’ve worn them a ton of times and they’re soft, comfy, sturdy, and a great slightly wider leg straight jean. They’re true to size for me and I got the long length cause the regular was out of stock, and cut off the hems to be a better length for me. I’ve been wearing them non-stop, and they’re on major sale right now! Also my code MERRICKW20 works for 20% off at Everlane for new customers, and MERRICKW10 works for 10% off if you’re an existing customer.

5. MyKitsch Satin Pillowcase. I’ve been using a cheap Amazon silk pillowcase for the last few years, but finally switched to Kitsch and I’ve been LOVING it. It’s way better quality, and looks nicer, and with my code MERRICK it makes it under $15. It’s cooling when you sleep on it, it helps with wrinkles and acne, and it is machine washable. I’m obsessed. If you’ve been thinking of switching from a regular pillowcase, DO IT.


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