During the holidays, it seems like everyone is going a million miles a minute. I’m completely guilty of it too, with events to attend, gifts to purchase and wrap, friends to see, meals to cook, family activities to do…they’re all great things, they just seem to all pile up at once and leave me feeling frazzled and exhausted. The other day I was taking my makeup off and discovered I had huge dark circles under my eyes…clearly all of this busyness is taking a toll on me and it was time to do something about it. The last thing I want is to go through the holidays feeling and looking like a zombie…

Below are 4 ways I’m taking care of myself during the holidays, and how you should too:

1. Take a nap. When I have a million things on my to-do list, it’s hard for me to put it away for twenty minutes and grab a power nap. But whenever I do, I’m always so glad I did and it gives me that little boost to keep me going through the day. I set my alarm clock for 25 minutes (giving myself 5 minutes to fall asleep), turn on a white noise app, and power nap for 20 minutes. It’s the perfect pick me up. Any longer than that has the complete opposite effect, so only do 20 minutes!

2. Do a face mask. I love doing face masks because they’re quick and easy to put on, and you can take care of your skin while multitasking. I’m trying to do one at least once a week, and they leave my skin feeling as soft as a baby! GLAMGLOW sent me a few of theirs to try out, and I tried their hydrating ThirstyMud mask since my skin easily dries out during the colder months. I instantly felt rejuvenated and spent the day just rubbing my face because it was so soft and smooth — and my dark circles were gone the next day! GLAMGLOW has a ton of other amazing masks that help with anti-aging, clearing or brightening your complexion, or just cleansing. Plus they’re selling their sets for the holidays in the coolest little packages so it would make a fun gift set for your friends who need a little relaxing “me” time!

3. Get a pedicure. An hour to yourself, a foot and leg massage, and pretty feet…who can say no to this during the holidays? Plus I’m sure those feet need a break from all the running around you’re doing. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment already. The bigger I get in this pregnancy, the more strain I’m feeling on my feet, so you can bet I’ll be adding a pedicure to my calendar this week.

4. Read a book.  Sometimes during those frazzled, busy moments, you just need to step away from life for a little bit, and what better way than to delve into a good book? I started this book a few months ago and haven’t picked it up in a while, so I’m going to follow my own advice and get back into it during the holidays. Maybe while my face mask dries 😉

What are you doing to take care of yourself during the holidays??

photos by rad and happy  ||  created in partnership with GLAMGLOW


  1. Awesome tips for navigating the holiday chaos 🙂 I totally agree with taking a moment to read a book. I find this always helps me to take a breather and relax!

    Dani | http://www.styledvariety.com

  2. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    These are awesome tips. I’ve heard a lot of good things about glamglow too! I’ll have to try their masks soon!



  3. Landen says:

    I SOOOO needed to read this tonight. We are getting ready for a trip tomorrow, and I have been very frazzled the last few days (or weeks) leading up to it! I haven’t done a face mask in years, but maybe the time is approaching! I love that plaid dress. A real win!

  4. Nikki says:

    I’ve been taking baths lately for the first time in my life. It’s so nice to have a few minutes to just relax and get a bit of peace. How about reading a book while your face mask dries in the bath?!?! If that’s not taking care of yourself, I don’t know what is 🙂


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