4 Tips for Mixing Prints in Your Outfits

four easy tips for mixing prints in an outfit

Outfit Details:

Burgundy Ruffled Dress (wearing size XS), Old Leopard Pumps (Almost identical pair Here), Tortoise Shell Glasses, Ring Handbag

I think we all get stuck in a rut with our outfits. And when I do, I try to put together outfits that are unexpected and interesting to sort of jolt me back into having fun with my wardrobe.

Mixing prints is a really easy way to do this!

It’s a perfect way to make your closet feel more exciting, and feel like there are limitless possibilities for outfits.

Below I’m sharing some tips for putting prints together!

tiny floral print on a burgundy dress
burgundy floral dress and leopard pumps what to wear to church
how to mix prints in an outfit

chloe bag dupe for $100!
This burgundy dress is perfect with a pair of leopard pumps

4 Tips for Mixing Prints in Your Outfits.

1. Keep your prints in the same color family.

This isn’t a rule, but it’s a helpful guideline if you’re a print mixing beginner. It’s a safety net so you push boundaries without going too far out of your comfort zone. Like choose black and white stripes, and black and brown leopard print. Or navy polka dots and blue stripes. Make sense?

2. When in doubt, choose leopard.

I pair leopard with everything. Polka dots, stripes, floral, everything. It’s made of the most neutral colors, and it always adds a bit of chic glam to any look. It’s always a safe bet if you’re choosing a print.

3. Balance the scale of your prints.

Choose a larger scale pattern and mix it with a smaller scale pattern. Like skinny stripes and a large floral pattern. Or like the tiny floral on this dress and a larger leopard print on these pumps. Two small patterns next to each other can get a little crazy for your eyes. It CAN work, but it’s harder to pull off.

4. Remember, there are no real fashion rules.

If you love it, rock it. There is no fashion police that will come tell you your outfit has too many patterns, or the scale of your prints is off balance. Fashion is meant to be fun and creative, and it’s fun to push boundaries and create unique outfits.


Think you can try mixing prints now??


  1. Natali says:

    You are looking gorgeous in this perfect for spring outfit! 🙂


  2. Kris says:

    What color is the purse?

  3. Cute combo of frock with leopard high heels 🙂 Looking so adorable in pretty outfits and want to make same photo shoot of mine along my Brown Distressed Biker Blazer jacket . Thanks

  4. I’m APPRECIATE your blogs & thanks for sharing this Air Force Men’s Flight Jacket post . keep it up guys 🙂

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