4 Easy and Last Minute Holiday Parties You Can Throw This Year

I love having people over this time of year. But also throwing parties on top of the Christmas demands can be completely stressful. These 4 holiday parties are low key and easy to toss together at the last minute. 


The holidays are the time when you want to spend time with family and friends, right? Well take advantage and invite some people over and throw one of these super low-key parties. They’re low stress, little planning, and so much fun.

So forget about all the stress and throw one of these four simple parties that will bring friends and family together for lots of fun without a lot of prep or stress.



how to host a gingerbread house making party

1. Throw a gingerbread house decorating party!

We do this with my boys and our friends every year and it’s so fun.

We’ve perfected the tools and the house (which we make out of graham crackers instead of real gingerbread) and the frosting and shared it all in THIS POST!

hot chocolate party and cookie swap

2. Throw a hot chocolate and cookie swap party!

A hot chocolate and cookie party is so fun and delicious. Just cook up a big batch of hot chocolate (this one is my very favorite) in a crock pot, provide some mugs and mix ins, and (if you want) have everyone bring cookies to swap!

I hosted one of these parties a few years ago and it was such an easy and fun girls night, snuggled up with blankets and hot chocolate around my outdoor fire pit.

All the details are RIGHT HERE!

minute to win it games with kids and adults

3. A Minute to Win It Party is fun for adults and kids!

If you haven’t played Minute to Win It games before, you will love it. It’s a fun idea for big groups, and groups with adults and kids.

Basically there are a bunch of little challenges that you have one minute to complete as you compete against other players. I found this really fun Christmas version that would be a blast to play at a Christmas get together.

And if you’d prefer not to do Christmas themed, my sister shared six of her favorite Minute To Win It games on her blog HERE.

favorite things party

4. Host a Favorite Things party with your friends!

My friends host one of these parties every year as a girls night, and it’s a total blast. Everyone brings their favorite things and they get swapped around, so you go home with a bunch of new goodies.

I found a really good post with all the rules of a Favorite Things party and some fun ideas of what to bring RIGHT HERE.

My friends do a $20 limit and you have to bring 2 identical packages. I’ve seen some that do a $5 or $10 limit, and it’s hard to find good items that are that low of a price point, so $20 has worked well for us. But you can of course do whatever is best for your budgets!


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    Love the idea of a gingerbread party! Even fun for adults with cocktails and bites!

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