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Motherhood comes with a lot of changes, and while most of them are amazing and wonderful, there are also a lot of changes that can make it feel like you’ll just never be your old self again, that you have to have padded walls and plastic everything in your house, and that you’ll never have time to do your hair or makeup ever again.

That’s why I love baby products that are functional and well-designed, but they don’t scream that you have small children. I teamed up with Munchkin today to check out their new Luna baby gate, and I was instantly impressed. It was super quick and easy to install (just a little turnkey that adjusts the width), it comes with add-ons to make it super wide (hallelujah, I’ve been looking for an extra wide baby gate for years!), the gate opens either way, and it even has a motion detector light at the base for night time. It gives all the function without being another cluttery, bulky baby essential.

I try to make an effort to keep my home beautiful on top of having babies, so I love that this gate allows me to do both.

And inspired by the Luna baby gate, these are three other things I do to not completely lose myself in motherhood:

1. Make time for me. With little kids, it’s easy to let some things fall by the side, like getting ready for the day, or reading a book just for you, or taking a trip without kids. It’s definitely more of an effort to do these things, but when you make the time for yourself so you feel like a real, functioning adult, you’re such a much better mom.

2. Find momiform wardrobe pieces that make you feel like an adult. There are times when I just want to wear sweats and a tee, but it’s important to have a few pieces in your closet that are mom friendly but make you feel put together. Like a stretchy dress (like this one that’s easy to move in, but super flattering), a great pair of jeansa nice button up shirt, or a cute pair of ankle boots instead of flip flops. They’re easy things to buy that make a big difference in how you look and feel, and they’re just as easy to throw on as sweats.

3.  Get out of the house without the kids. Whether it’s date night, girls night, or just hiring a babysitter for an hour so you can get out and take a walk or go to the grocery store by yourself, it’s important to get out of the house. I’m a total homebody, but being home all day every day, day after day, can mess with your mental health as a mom. Don’t forget to get outside and interact with other adults on an adult level!

created in partnership with Munchkin
photos by rad and happy


  1. April says:

    Please be aware that baby gates at the top of the stairs need to be screwed into the wall.

  2. Rachel Nicole says:

    this is wonderful, and i am not even a mom yet.

    xx, rn

  3. This post made me baby hungry! And I can’t agree more with what you said.

  4. Dalia says:

    I agree with all of this. Those “me-moments” are so important. I remember feeling like I had just come back from a spa-weekend when I had one hour to pamper myself in my own bathroom the first time! And feeling like so refreshed when I left the kid with daddy to go grocery-shopping. My husband just didn’t get why I insisted on doing the shopping, which is normally his job. 😛
    I would add: if your body does not snap back, do not wait to get a new, well-fitting capsule wardrobe, because you think soon you will be back to your old clothes. I regret feeling like a frumpy momma in the few wide clothes I had for a year, before realising I will not soon have time/energy to train it off. When I do I will have worn the capsule wardrobe through and still felt and looked more like myself until then.

  5. Brandi Christine Schutt says:

    I love this post! It’s so easy to get lost in the trenches of motherhood!


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