It’s officially spring, and you know what that means — spring cleaning! I always get the springtime closet clean out itch right around this time of year, and since I just went through my closet and put all my maternity clothes away, I had the itch to go through everything else in my closet and not only clear more things out, but also add a few new things for spring.

This year I discovered ThredUp to help me with my spring cleaning and spring shopping. ThredUp is an awesome online consignment store for high-quality secondhand clothing, and not only can you sell your old items through them, you can also find name-brand pieces in amazing condition for a fraction of the retail price. Basically the smartest way to refresh your closet for spring!

1. Out with the old. Before adding anything new to your closet, go through and get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore. Since I just pulled out all my maternity clothes and brought all my regular clothes back in, I’ve found a handful of things I know I won’t wear again. So out they go. And even better? I can make a few bucks by selling them on ThredUp with their awesome Clean Out Bag that you fill up and leave on your doorstep for pickup. Easy peasy.

2. Make a list. The great thing about closet clean outs is that you can really see what you own, and also see the holes in your closet. As you go through it, make a list of pieces you want to purchase this spring that will help fill in the gaps and flesh out your wardrobe. Don’t own any button downs? Need a good pair of white jeans? Want a few nice blouses for date night? Put them on the list. Making a list will also help when searching on ThredUp. They have such a huge selection on their site, which makes navigating it a little overwhelming, so having an idea of what you’re looking for before shopping makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and utilize their extremely helpful filters.

3. Shop for your body right now. This is hard for a lot of women because so many women don’t want to spend money on clothing when they feel like their body isn’t quite where they want it to be. This is absolutely the case for me postpartum as my body works to get back to normal. But having a closet filled with pieces you don’t fit into is so frustrating, so the great thing about ThredUp is that I can pick up a few new things for spring in a larger size and still get great quality items without spending a lot of money.  I bought a couple of loose tops, like this gorgeous pink DKNY top I’m wearing, and a few pairs of jeans, like this pair from Paige Denim I’m wearing, to give me a few things to wear comfortably while I’m working to get my body back to pre-pregnancy size.

ThredUp has new pieces arriving every day, including handbags, shoes, and even kids clothing! Plus they have an app to make it easy to browse their site whenever and wherever you’d like so you don’t miss that amazing new piece your closet needs for spring!

thank you to thredup for partnering on this post  |  photos by rad and happy 


  1. Natali says:

    Absolutely love this neutral/ blush toned outfit! You look so elegant and feminine!


  2. This top is so cute, I love the trim. My closet hasn’t been cleaned in a while, I think it’s about time!

    Kristina does the Internets

  3. I love thredUP! This outfit is super cute.

  4. I’m just now realizing how important tip number three is. I’m almost 3 years postpartum and am starting to accept my new “normal” body.

  5. Carina Ž says:

    Such a great post! I have never hear of ThredUp before, and I love this online store now!


  6. Linda Z says:

    Love the colors and details in this outfit! 🙂

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