I’m a little late on this, but my baby is twelve months! I can hardly believe it. In some ways this year has gone by slowly, and it seems like ages ago that we were moving to Huntington Beach, but in other ways it has flown by so quickly.

This baby is the light of our lives. He is such a happy little baby, and is the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen (at least that’s what I’m told almost every day by random strangers ;))

Here are twelve things about my baby at twelve months:
  1. As far as we can tell, he’s left handed. I put things in his right hand all the time and he’ll immediately switch them to his left hand. Any hammering with toys, or coloring with crayons and chalk is done with his left hand.
  2. He is obsessed with going outside. With the amazing weather we always have in HB, Peanut is outside in our backyard constantly. Of course baby Buck wants to follow, and then I spend the entire time making sure he doesn’t eat a rock or a snail.
  3. He’s not walking yet, and is still refusing to stand unless he’s holding on to something, but since he’s the second child I’m not one bit worried about it and am just enjoying the crawling phase as long as possible!
  4. He has five teeth now — the tooth to the right of his top front teeth just popped through a few weeks ago!
  5. He is a tummy sleeper, and when we go check on him before we go to bed every night he is bundled up in a little ball with his bum in the air. It kills me every time.
  6. One of my very favorite things that he’s starting doing this month is holding my hand. Whenever he nurses (two or three times a day), we sit quietly on the couch or the bed and he reaches up and interlocks his little tiny fingers through mine. I can’t even describe how much I love it.
  7. He is no longer interested in baby food at all…any time I am eating something, he just sits there and screams “ma, ma, ma!” (more, more, more!) until I give him some. It’s actually really nice though cause he eats everything and anything that I make for dinner along with the rest of us. One less thing to prepare, hooray!
  8. This month he’s learned how to give kisses. Yes, they’re big open mouthed, tongue out, horribly slobbery kisses, but they’re kisses nonetheless. And if you ask him for a kiss, he knows to lean forward and open up 😉
  9. He’s developed such a mischievous little attitude, and if you tell him not to do something, he’ll look at you with a little wry smile and do the exact thing you’re telling him not to.
  10. His signature move is a little ankle cross, and he always does it when he’s relaxed or sleeping. I always know when he’s tired or sleeping in his carseat, even if I can’t see his face, because I look back and see those little crossed ankles.
  11. He said his first real word this week! As I was putting him down one night, I asked him if he was ready to go “ni-night,” and he looked at me and said, “ny-ny!” He said it to me several times over the next few days every time it was nap or bed time, but now that he’s gotten such big reactions from it he’s suddenly refusing to do it 🙂
  12. In addition to that word, he says “mamamama,” “dadadadada,” “nananana,” and does a lot of spitting and raspberries!
Check out how much he’s grown (and how blonde he’s gotten!!) over the last 12 months!


  1. Sanja T says:

    He is adorable! The cutest baby ever. You can't help but love the little mischievous smiles they give:).

  2. Christy says:

    He really is a cute baby. Love his little smile!

  3. He needs to be the new Gerber baby- seriously!


  4. Madeline says:

    Too freakin cute! Congrats on a great year !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  5. Marianne T says:

    This baby IS gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ash says:

    He's SO precious! What a sweetheart. Happy birthday Buck!

  7. preethi says:

    What a little darling. I think he's actually gotten even cuter as the months have gone by, if that's possible!

  8. He's gorgeous! Happy Birthday 🙂

  9. Oh isn't he the most smiley baby ever??! I was actually just thinking the other day about how you would tell if your baby is left handed! My husband is a lefty and it just never occurred to me how you'd figure that out. haha so random.

  10. Sarah S. says:

    how adorable. I love that you made a collage of the past 12 months, his hair got SO blonde 🙂 I remember thinking how cute his tinted red hair looked.

  11. So handsome. I remember my baby being born just a few weeks before yours last year. She was super dark and is now a platinum blondie with a mischievous streak as well.

  12. Erica says:

    he is so adorable! and it's crazy how blonde his hair got! i guess he is a californian now :0

  13. kimmie says:

    He is SO SO SO adorable! Merrick, I hope you have a million more babies because you seriously make the cutest ones.

  14. rachel says:

    So so darling! And Merrick, can you help me? I am in love with that confetti beige sweater that you highlighted from Lulu's and I just went to their page and it is no longer available! Ack, any suggestions of where I can round up another perfect chunky sweater for the fall and winter?? Thanks!

  15. Kate Craig says:

    He IS so cute. And really looks like peanut in that second picture!

  16. he's melting my heart. I'm just saying. SO CUTE


  17. Claire L. says:

    His smile is so adorable! What a super-happy baby ^__^

    New Post: Boyfriend's Sweater
    xoxo, Claire

  18. Bethany says:

    Stop it! He is NOT one!!! Adorable, sweet boy!

  19. Shannon b says:

    He is simply adorable!!!

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