10 Days and Counting…

First, just want to say sorry (sort of) for my cruel April Fools joke. I just couldn’t help myself, and I laughed mercilessly at those who fell for it. Okay, not really, but I did laugh quite a bit when my poor uncle saw my blog and sent a mass email out with the picture of that sweet little google image baby, along with the fake stats and many congratulations.

So this is where we’re at…10 days til the due date, 1 centimeter dilated, and 60% effaced. And still feeling pretty darn good.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend…we sure did. I don’t think I’ll ever have to eat again after the two huge meals I made and consumed yesterday.



  1. Janssen says:

    Can't believe how close you are! Have him before we go to Mexico, would you?

  2. Packrat says:

    Wow, the baby really grew these last couple of weeks! Can you feel or see elbows and knees and his little bottom? Now, you look ready to pop – last week not so much. Glad you are still feeling good.

  3. Miriam says:

    I've been out of town, but Tara and Ashley told me about your joke! That will teach Jeff to read the whole blog post! Eagerly watching for the big day to arrive!

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