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Merrick's Art New Naked Third Love Bras

Merrick's Art Comfortable Bra

Bras are one of those weird things that we don’t talk about much, but we all have to wear. But they’re such a crucial part of our wardrobe — they’re the undergarment that can make or break the way your clothing hangs on your body, or the way your body shape looks. I’ve worn so many different styles and brands of bras in my life, and even shared some on here in the past, and although there have been brands that have stood out to me and I’ve liked more than others, I never found the perfect bra until I wore ThirdLove’s bras.

I shared about them earlier last year, and since then I can honestly say I have not worn any other bras besides theirs. You guys, these are life. changing.

I feel like every other bra I’ve worn has had great features, but there’s always been one little thing that I have to sacrifice. Like great support, or pretty design, or true comfort. I’ve looked for something like that in ThirdLove’s bras over all these months of wearing and honestly can’t find a thing I would change.

You know that feeling when you take off your bra at night? I don’t get that anymore because I literally don’t notice my bra ever during the day. I could sleep in this thing and not even notice. But unlike most bras that are that comfortable, these bras have support and an underwire so they do their job of lifting and supporting, but they do it so insanely well that you don’t even notice.

Merrick's Art New Naked Bras

Merrick's Art New Naked Third Love Bras

They just introduced a new line of bra colors called the New Nakeds, which are bras that come in various shades of nude to match or compliment all skin tone, and I’m so excited to be teaming up with ThirdLove to share them. You can see all five colors and their backstories (which are so fun to read) right here. My match is the Naked 2 color, but I love the darker shades as alternatives to black, gray, or even colored bras.

My favorite of their bras is the t-shirt bra. Last time I posted about it many of you mentioned you wished they sold white bras, but honestly I haven’t worn a white bra in years because nude colored bras are so much less visible, especially under white clothing. Seriously, try it!

The new line has five shades, each of which come in three styles: t-shirt, full coverage, and push-up, so there’s a fit and a color for everyone. And this new line comes in half cup sizes so their perfect fit guarantee just got even more perfect. Hello, A 1/2? Why has no one done this before?!

ThirdLove is offering all my readers the Try Before You Buy program, so you can try your bra for 30 days to make sure you love it before you purchase. Genius, right? I promise you once you try these bras you will never wear another bra again. Check them all out right here!


  1. Erin Hemmelgarn says:

    I started wearing white bras when I got endowed because I noticed my nude bras were visible against my garments under white clothes. What’s your trick?? Also, do you have a rec for a good garment-friendly cami that ISN’T downeast? I hate downeast camis and my Aero ones aren’t doing it anymore.

    • merrickwhite says:

      I find that even though a nude bra contrasts against your g’s, your bust is what is actually up against the white shirt more than any other part of your bodice. So the white of my g’s doesn’t show through much, and the nude doesn’t show through on my bust. Does that make sense?

      Also, are you looking for a cap sleeve cami? Or just a regular spaghetti strap cami? Just want to clarify.

      • Erin Hemmelgarn says:

        Oh that makes sense! A spaghetti strap cami!

      • merrickwhite says:

        This one is my very favorite. It’s a perfect length, good stretch, and good nude color. Again, nude is my best friend. Looks so much better under v-necks than white or black. And only $12! Get it 😉

      • Erin Hemmelgarn says:

        You’re the coolest. Thanks, Merrick!

      • April says:

        I’m ready to order two of these camis you shared. I buy one for regular and one to cut off and use as a demi cami bc I often only need the coverage in my bra area, and I hate all that extra fabric around my torso. Anway, the size chart says I need a M because I’m a size 2-4. Do you think that’s accurate? Thanks!

      • merrickwhite says:

        no, i’d definitely get smalls! BP sizing is juniors, but a small is size 1-3 so I think you’ll be totally fine. Plus it’s super stretchy!

      • April Grow says:


      • Yes! I had the same question. Thanks!

  2. merrickwhite says:

    haha so glad!! 🙂

  3. Juliana Chan says:

    Where is that beautiful pleated skirt from? Thank you!

  4. Shelli says:

    Any recommendations for a great cap sleeve cami?

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