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Merrick's Art Third Love Bras

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Third Love Bras (black lace, nude), Leith Cardigan, Abercrombie Jeans, Caitlin Wilson Pillows (spotted, gold floral), Kassatex Bedding

My experience of nursing my three boys has all been pretty different, but I can tell I’m heading toward the end with San. He still loves it, and I really love it, but he doesn’t nurse as long or as often anymore, so my milk supply is slowly depleting.

After I stopped nursing both my older boys, my lingerie drawer was filled with beat up, milk-stained bras, and this time around won’t look much different. During my year(ish) of nursing, my bras definitely take a beating, and my bust size changes dramatically at the end as my milk goes away.

Merrick's Art Third Love Bras

Merrick's Art Third Love Bras

Merrick's Art Third Love Bras

As a mom of little kids, it’s not very easy to get myself to a store to get a bra fitting, so I was really excited to learn about Third Love. Their free, innovative app (found in the app store on your phone) walks you through the process of an online bra fitting to find your perfect fit without leaving your house! So genius, right? Then once you’re fitted, they give you bra recommendations, and they seriously have the prettiest bras, including a few new releases in gorgeous holiday colors, like this one and this one. After a year of wearing mostly nursing bras, I’m so excited about these.

Merrick's Art Third Love Nude Bra

Merrick's Art Third Love Nude Bra

I wear a lot of white t-shirts, and a nude one is always the best option to wear underneath white so it doesn’t show through (don’t wear white!), and this non-lace nude is perfect for that. I love the pleated strap details to add a little something special to a basic nude bra.

Merrick's Art Third Love Lace Bra

The lace bras (I have this blush one in addition to the black one) are great for under cozy sweaters!

Merrick's Art Third Love Bras

While you’re busy holiday shopping for everyone else, don’t forget to gift yourself something pretty too 🙂 You can get 10% off your purchase until 12/14 with code: merricksart!


  1. April says:

    Ok, I recently went on the perfect bra hunt. I tried on several Third Love bras and I did like them, HOWEVER, I won’t wear a nude bra. I have always hated them, and then once you factor in the LDS needs, a nude bra over a white camisole causes a big problem under light colored tops. I considered keeping one for wearing under darker things, but I need simplicity. If they ever come out with white, I’ll stock up! I love that they come in half cup sizes, and the fit was nice, but seriously, I want white!!! I know I’m not alone.

    • Kirsten says:

      Thanks, April, I have felt the same. Is there a nude bra + white g top secret I’ve been missing out on? Someone help a sista out! But also thanks to you both for your reviews of Third Love, especially from an LDS/nursing perspective. So helpful!

      • April says:

        Kirsten I ended up with 2 different bras. I bought the Wacoal t shirt bra and the Marie Jo L’Aventure bra, both in white.

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