One of the big trends this year is flared denim. Have you tried it yet? I wore flares all throughout high school and college, but this time they’re coming back in a really chic and updated way. And honestly I think they’re so incredibly flattering on most figures (much more so than skinny jeans, although we’re all used to our inverted triangle shapes by now).

Try these tips for buying and styling this trend:

1. Think about wash and length. Dark wash denim is always more flattering and makes your legs look leaner. And the new flares are all long, which gives you a super long leg line, which is flattering on everyone. So choose dark wash with a longer inseam for the most figure flattering jeans.

2. Add a heel. With those longer inseams, you’ll need a little lift. You do not want your hem to drag on the ground, so choose a shoe that lets your jeans sit about half an inch above the ground. For a dressier look, choose stilletos, but for a casual everyday look stick with a wedge like I did here.

3. What to wear on top? When you’re used to wearing only skinny jeans, it can be hard to transition back to wearing other styles of jeans and figure out how to style them. But the thing about this style of denim is that it’s flattering with pretty much everything. Loose button downs, like the one I’m wearing above, slouchy tees like this, fitted tees (I wore a similar look last fall right here), oversized tops, jackets, crop tops, and even with a belt and your top tucked in. I found a bunch of inspiration on Pinterest and pinned a few to my Dressing Myself board if you want to check it out.

Think you’ll try this trend like my sisters and I did?

Now go hop over to Janssen and Landen’s blogs and see how they’re styling their flared jeans!

photos by rad and happy 


  1. Natali says:

    Fantastic pair of flares!!! I like this casual and minimalistic outfit very much!

  2. Sarah says:

    All the new flares are long…a little too long. I tried on a pair and they would have still been too long with my highest wedges!

  3. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I’ve really been wanting to add a pair of chic flared denim like this to my closet! I have one straight led pair of pants, but all the rest are skinnies, and I really want to branch out a little more! I love this pair on you!


  4. Kayla FrecklesinApril says:

    I am SO HAPPY flares are back. They’ve been nearly impossible to find the past few years.

  5. Monica Packer says:

    Super helpful, thank you! I’m wearing mine today with loafers, since they’re not long.

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