As we head into Fall, my style starts shifting to darker colors, more layers, and more neutrals. But since I still like to have something in my outfit that reflects my personality, I’ll usually add one statement piece.
Statement bags are a fun way to add a pop of color or boldness, and with Coach’s new collection of Swagger bags, I’m totally inspired to rock the bold statement bag look. They have tons of gorgeous choices full of rich and bold colors, perfect for complimenting your Fall looks. And with Zappos fast and free shipping (my purchases literally come the day after I order them), it’s basically the easiest thing ever to snag yourself a beautiful new bag for Fall.
So today let’s talk about how to style a statement bag for the Fall.
  1. Keep your outfit neutral. When it comes to statement bags, let them do the talking. Keep the rest of your outfit more low key so the bag really stands out. Don’t let your outfit and your bag compete for attention — let it be one or the other.
  2. Choose a smaller bag. If the rest of your outfit is pretty neutral (like my all-black ensemble), then a giant bold bag is going to overwhelm. Keep it all balanced by choosing a smaller statement bag. This black and white crossbody bag from Coach’s new Swagger collection is the perfect size — big enough to hold my wallet, keys, phone, and lipgloss, but not so big that I feel like a walking neon sign.
  3. Add one other semi-bold piece. To keep your statement bag choice from being completely out of left field, add one other small accessory or something to compliment the statement. For my outfit, I chose a pair of black and white shoes which add another pop of bold that compliment without competing. You could also choose a necklace, a ring, a hat, a jacket, or something else that helps the statement bag make sense with the rest of your outfit.
Think you can rock your statement bags now? Check out the entire collection of Coach’s Swagger bags right here on
photos by jana laurene | created in collaboration with zappos and coach