OUTFIT DETAILS: dress refashioned by me (original dress here, wearing an XL, tutorial below) | sandals | leather bag | sunglasses 
*photos by sara walk
A few months ago when I was walking through Target, I noticed this little dress hanging in the little girl’s section. With the fresh white cotton and delicate neon eyelet sleeves and hem, I was instantly drawn to it and of course wished it came in adult size.
After walking past it a few times over the next few weeks, I finally stopped and pulled out the XL and held it up to me. It could totally work as a tunic, right? So I took it home. But once I tried it on, I just didn’t love it. It looked like I was wearing a little girls dress with jeans (not really what I’m ever going for…)
But I let it sit in my closet anyway for a few days, and suddenly as I opened my closet one day, the idea came to me. Buy a second one, chop them up, and make a dress. Perfect.
The best part is that this refashion is really, really simple. Also, your closet options just got a lot bigger if you can shop in the little girls section!
Click the READ MORE below to find the step by step tutorial!


two tunics or little girl dresses (swing dresses work the best for this refashion)
– 1/4″ wide elastic
– matching thread
Step 1. Take your first dress and chop the hem off. Then take your second dress and chop the top off. I wanted to keep as much of the dress as possible, so I cut right above the eyelet hem on the first dress, and right below the armpits on the second dress.
Step 2. With right sides of the fabric together, tuck the bodice inside the skirt. Line up the edges of the skirt fabric and lining, and the bodice fabric and lining. Pin them together.
*note: The lining is slightly smaller than the dress on this particular dress, so I took in the sides of the bodice fabric to make it equal in size to the lining, and then just created a completely new skirt lining because the original lining was significantly smaller and was a little tight on me.
Step 3. Measure your natural waist and cut a piece of elastic to this size. Sew the ends together to create a loop.
Step 4. Now stretch the loop of elastic and pin it to the waistband seam allowance. Make sure you pin it evenly around the entire waistband. Then sew along the center of the elastic, all the way around the waistband, stretching as you sew. 
Step 5. Turn your dress right side out, press your waistband seam, and you’re done. Now go raid the little girls section of every store!