My baby turns two next month, but his poor nursery is still a work in progress, and pretty far from being done. I’m so indecisive when it comes to home decorating, so I’ve been putting this room off forever, and just doing little projects here and there when I find the time. But the wall above his bed was has been looking so empty and lonely for so long that I just had to do something. 

I’ve seen so many cardboard letter projects, and although most of the time I think they’re a little too cutesy for my style, I liked the idea of something lightweight (read: earthquake safe) above the crib. I debated on colors for them for weeks (seriously — I told you I was indecisive), but finally settled on an apple green and light gray, and I love how they turned out. Simple, modern, and perfect for a little boys room. Plus they’re SO easy to make, so today I want to share with you how to make them!

Find the easy tutorial after the jump!

cardboard letters (I bought mine at hobby lobby, but they’re also available at most craft stores)
acrylic paint (I used “limonade” and “country gray”)
sponge brush
painters tape
And you’re done!