photos by sara walk

I love transitioning my closet in between seasons, especially winter to spring, because you can create such amazing and unexpected juxtapositions with your outfits. Just like the day when fresh blooms pop out of the snow, your outfits can create these beautiful and striking contrasts.
Try these three easy tips for transitioning your closet from winter to spring: 
  1. Pair bright with dark. The contrast between light and dark makes the brights obviously stand out. Try a bright spring color, like yellow, pink, or green and pair it with dark grays and blacks. 
  2. Combine lightweight and heavyweight. I like juxtapositions in my outfits, regardless of the season, but there’s something so unique and fun about a pleated chiffon dress paired with a leather jacket and army boots. 
  3. Keep a balance of covered up and bare skin. In my outfit above, I went with bare legs and bundled top half. You could also try tights or knee-high boots on the bottom and short sleeves on the top, or a big thick scarf on top and bare legs on the bottom. 
Play around with your winter and spring pieces, pair things you wouldn’t normally pair, and have fun!


tobi dress (similar)
choies leather jacket, c/o
choies tote, c/o (similar)
lulu*s boots, c/o

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  1. Perfect transitional look! SO pretty!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Tabet says:

    Sweet pictures and a great look. Lovely boots! 🙂

  3. Love that dress! I am so ready for spring so I can break out my legs again!

  4. Perfect transition in to spring, ideal for brightening you wardrobe. It always makes my mood lighter donning a bright or floral pattern.

    X x

  5. Tamer Sameeh says:

    That’s really awesome. You managed to plot a magnificent plan to smooth transition into the style of spring. Thanks for some great ideas.

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