Have you seen Corilynn’s new line of dresses? This here is the Wiggle dress. I know it gets its name because of the dress shape that forces you to wiggle into it, but probably also has something to do with the way it makes you walk. Well, apparently it’s doing it’s job, because in the two times I’ve worn it so far, I’ve been stopped by, stared at, or complimented from old men, young men, my husband, people I know, and random strangers. This dress is a showstopper, truly. 
ANYWAY…for me, I try to add only versatile pieces to my closet, and that goes for dresses too. I ask myself when shopping for then, is it easy to dress both up and down? Can I wear it as a skirt? A top, etc? This dress  fits the bill on every single one of those points, and is quickly climbing to the top of my favorite dresses in my closet.  Versatile, gorgeous, perfectly fitted, modern, classic, elicits a lot of complimenting…is there anything this dress isn’t? No, I don’t think so. Basically it’s an all around magical dress. 
dress: c/o corilynn
bag: c/o jototes
wedges: similar
watch: michael Kors
necklaces: c/o bip and bop (here and here)
ring: c/o pradman jewelry
nails: c/o cult cosmetics, “hollywood hills”