Christmas Gift Guide for Men

When I first got married, I thought buying gifts for men was so hard. But over time, buying gifts for Philip has become one of my favorite things. Although I always love to do creative and sentimental gifts, there are some basic gifts that are still thoughtful, but more standard across the board for all men. 
I’ve teamed up with Kohl’s today to bring you a few of my favorites for this year, and Philip’s particular interests. Hopefully it gives you a few good ideas for the men in your life! 

1. every thirty-year-old man deserves a cashmere sweater, don’t you think? (oh, should I not have given my husband’s age away??) this one comes in lots of gorgeous colors, and the slim fit is really nice.

2. guys love to smell good, and girls love guys who smell good. although philip loves and wears lacoste cologne, i also really like burberry.

3. philip is really in to colorful socks this season. i love the pop of pattern and color they add to a neutral suit.

4. a few months ago i walked past the art of shaving store in the mall and since then i’ve had this infatuation with cool shaving products. this little shaving brush and bowl set is so pretty, and i would love seeing it sit on our bathroom counter every day.

5. honestly i know next to nothing about golf, but philip asked for one of these range finders and here it is. i’m sure it does something really awesome.

6. philip has been looking to add some french cuff dress shirts to his closet, so obviously he needs some cuff links to go with them!

7. since we live in california, philip golfs all the time. now that we’re heading into cooler weather though, he needs a nice golf pullover to wear on the course. he’s gotten a few free ones from tournaments he’s played in, but this one is way better looking.

Happy Christmas shopping for your man!

this post is sponsored by kohls.


  1. I love that shaving set – I was thinking of getting this for my bf as well! xo

  2. I love that golf pullover. My husband does not golf but he might like this just for the days when Georgia gets cold.

  3. The golf range finder is such a great idea! I struggle every year coming up with an idea for my brother in law, he would LOVE this. Thank you!

  4. So the next time Philip talks to Mike, tell him to discuss this cuff link idea. I'm intrigued! I would love another way to "dress up" the every day dress up suit.

  5. what are the discount available on Xmas & Christmas for Men ?
    well i love that cloth.

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