This weekend was General Conference weekend, and even if you’re not a member of my faith, I’m sure you saw our hashtag popping up all over your social media. I always have grand plans to make a big, amazing breakfast and have fun GC themed coloring pages or bingo cards for Peanut, but instead we just toasted a few leftover frozen pancakes, cuddled up on the couch, the boys played, and it ended up being perfect and wonderfully non-stressful. 
In between sessions on Saturday we braved going outside (it was the hottest day of the year after all — high of 86!) and headed to our local flea market to do a little book shopping. With books for fifty cents to a dollar, we came home with a stack of 37 new books for the boys, several of which have been tucked away for Buck’s upcoming birthday (don’t even ask me how that’s already happening). 
Since we made a goal to spend our weekends out of the house and enjoy the local attractions, our weekends have been so fun and I’m finding myself looking forward to them all week long. But between some priceless family time with my three handsome boys, and some incredibly inspiring and uplifting words from Conference, I’m feeling really grateful for this particular weekend. 
Happy Monday!
If you’re interested in watching or listening to some of General Conference, or learning more about it, you can right here

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