I’m a little bit late this month, but here are six things about this roly poly at six months:

  1. He’s now a champion sitter
  2. We do very little tummy time (since he hates it so much), but whenever we do he starts scooting all over the room. Or maybe that’s why we do so little tummy time πŸ™‚ 
  3. He loves to play with big boy toys. He has never had any real interest in rattles or little plush animals, but give that boy a pile of duplos and he is entertained for ages. 
  4. He is so vocal, and pretty much any time he’s awake (and isn’t sucking on the pacifier) he’s jabbering away.
  5. He’s just started to develop a little opinion. The other morning I gave him a big slice of apple to chomp on while I was making breakfast and within a minute or two he’d dropped it on the floor. I picked it up to wash it off and as soon as he saw that I had it, but wasn’t giving it immediately back to him, he threw a fit. And then was completely satisfied the moment I handed it back. 
  6. He is majorly ticklish. His thighs and armpits are the most ticklish (and hilarious laugh-screams ensue when you so much as touch him there), but really you could squish any part of his body and get a giggle out of him. 
Good heavens, we love this baby. Hard to believe we’re half way through his first year!
  • Ash

    Oh my… What a doll! Happy six months to your precious family of four!

  • Such a cute little grin! He looks just like a kewpie doll! (The adorable ones obviously, not the really old creepy ones. πŸ˜‰

  • I want to give him a squish right now!

  • That face, is just so adorable. I think baby fever is slowly creeping up on me…

  • OhMyGosh! he's Gorgeous, Merrick! I Can't Get Enough!

  • OhMyGosh! he's Gorgeous, Merrick! I Can't Get Enough!

  • OhMyGosh! he's Gorgeous, Merrick! I Can't Get Enough!

  • OhMyGosh! he's Gorgeous, Merrick! I Can't Get Enough!

  • OhMyGosh! he's Gorgeous, Merrick! I Can't Get Enough!

  • He is adorable! Omigosh yes.


  • He's so cute! Love the blog layout update also!

  • Precious!


  • omg!! these pics! LOVE, he is too adorable. also, I love the new look of your blog, the subtle color is so pretty.

  • I could eat him!!!

  • Can't wait to FINALLY squish him next month!

  • he's so cute!! look at that little tongue! ha!

  • Love your new blog set up and your cute babe! Keep up the good work on this blog. It's wonderful.

  • What a cutie! My almost 6 month old is officially crawling. Way to soon for my liking!
    Dimples & Pig Tales

  • a new look for an old reliable πŸ™‚ lovin'it! and your dear baby is adorable!

  • Happy 6 months. He is adorable!!!


  • Is it really possible to fit all that cuteness into his tiny little body? It must be pouring out of his ears.

  • He is just darling.

    Also, I'm loving the new look on your blog!

  • CC

    Oh my gosh, girl. He is just so unbelievably cute. That grin in precious. πŸ™‚

  • I wait for these updates every month. Buck couldn't be cuter. That last picture with his curly little tongue? I CAN'T. He's so sweet!!!

  • Obsessed! can't wait to meet this sweet dude! Love the new blog design! It is so pretty!